Red Bull: Peach


Welcome one and all and one again! Today’s topic is the ‘new’ energy drink flavor from Red Bull known as Peach-Nectarine. As a big fan of their Tangerine flavor (orange can) along with the Kiwi-Apple (neon green can), I decided to try a new branch on their energy drink tree: The Peach Edition.

Upon tasting the product, my initial reaction was that of myself as a young kid drinking the syrup left after opening canned peaches. The taste is spot on but a little lighter and fizzier. As energy drinks go, this one is OK. In the uture, if my top three options were not available, I would give this one a go for sure.

For those officially in that ‘wondering mode’, my top three energy drink choices would be (drum roll please):

  1. Full Throttle Energy (Citrus, not that orange or blue crap)
  2. Red Bull Kiwi-Apple (neon green can, very addicting)
  3. Red Bull Tangerine (orange can, quite yummy – very close to the old 180 energy drink taste from years gone by.)

There have been several other enjoyable energy drink products over the years but they seem to have disappeared or been whacked by the energy drink mafia giants. Having tried Rockstar (various), Monster (various), regular Red Bull, AMP (various), Venom (various) and numerous others – only a couple of the Venom versions would be challengers to crack my top five but their products are typically very hard to find (at least the good ones). As for the other flavored versions of Red Bull, I hear they are quite good but I just haven’t made those rounds yet. Who knows…perhaps in the coming months?

Take care all and have a great week!



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