Did you get a haircut?

Good morning.

As some of you may know, I recently returned from my belated honeymoon/vacation in Cancun, Mexico. The temperatures were fantastic and the beaches were the softest sand I’ve have ever tread upon. Add in the all-inclusive food and drinks within the resort and it was a pretty spiffy time.

Now that being said, I would like to draw attention to comments made by my wife on at least two separate occasions (it may have been more but that’s all I remember hearing…and my wife says I don’t always listen or something like that!). While on our honeymoon, she mentioned that the resort offered haircut services – twice! I took a peek at the pricing list of services the resort offered and scanned down the list until I found it: men’s haircut $75.00 USD (not pesos).

Understandably I did a double take. Now mind you, I acknowledge that we were on vacation and perhaps we were spending a little more heavily on some non-included activities. But for a few brief moments when the haircut idea was floated and re-floated, my inner checkbook keeper cringed. To me, $75.00 is a pretty nice meal. Also, $75.00 gets me an oil change AND a haircut back home. In the end, I just couldn’t make myself spend that kind of money on my very simple and relatively quick hair cut I get. So sorry (not sorry!) Dreams Sands Cancun barber…no dice!

Now flash forward to late yesterday afternoon (Yeah Mike, the Flash Forward reference is for you!). I’m driving home after I left work and had gone to my chiropractic adjustment appointment. For a change, traffic is moving well and I’m making pretty good time. So on impulse, I make a last second side trip to the Great Clips location in Arnold, MO. I arrive there and after a short wait, I get my hair cut!

Let me take this opportunity to say that when the stylist was done quasi-shaving and cutting, I looked quite a bit better. Toot Toot (yeah that’s my own horn!). Thinner sides and the back too! The top got slightly shortened and cleaned up so I looked pretty decent! I will admit, guy’s haircuts are pretty unremarkable in comparison to when the ladies get their hair done, but dang it I looked significantly better than I did when I walked in!

After I paid and tipped the stylist, I drove home and was greeted by my cats, my wife and her son. Freshly buzzed and styled me on display! Their response: acknowledgement zero. In my cats defense, they were trying to communicate something to me. But my cat to English dictionary is still a work in progress so they may have been trying to say: “Hey nice haircut!” or quite possibly, “Hey, are you going to get a cheese stick? Because we like cheese and want some cheese.” Who knows for sure…

Anyway, for any of you out there that recently got a hair cut, I’m sure it looks darn fine!

Hope your Hump Day brings you the desired outcome!


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