Upgrades for your inconvenience!

Hello and good Cinco De Mayo! (May 5th)

Today is the day after all the silly Star Wars people and their May the Fourth Be With You silliness. Over the last five weeks (since I last posted) I’ve been extremely busy…and equal parts lazy. Obviously during the Monday through Friday days I am occupied for the majority of the day with actual business-related work I perform in order to make a living financially. To complete the daily picture, throw in getting ready each morning to go to work, traversing traffic routes, dedicating most of the hours between 7:30 am until 4-ish pm to ‘work’ and then going back through the traffic gauntlet to reach home. Once I arrive home I proceed to flop down (on the couch or bed) for a bit. Next is the nightly ritual of deciding dinner, making dinner, eating dinner, cleaning up (somewhat) from dinner and getting the child into bed. By the time all this has occurred, the clock is usually somewhere around the 8:30-9:00 pm mark. If Kristi is not at her job at the hospital that night, we spend some down time on the couch watching something on the Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime since we do not have the cable or satellite services. There is a good chance that one or both of us will be asleep and snoring within 45 minutes of ‘couch time’.

Keep in mind that I play softball with Kristi on Mondays and Fridays (weather permitting) and on Wednesday nights I play mens softball at Fenton Park to boot. Since it is spring time, Ayden also is involved with youth baseball so he has some practices and games that get mixed in as well (again weather permitting).

So for the most part that leaves 48 hours of the weekend to jam in other stuff. But wait, there’s more! Saturdays and Sundays Ayden spends with his bio father but I play softball tournaments (Saturdays) and Indian Ball (Sundays).

Over the last three weeks or so, Mother Nature has played havoc with the majority of outdoor activities. To my credit I have already mowed the front lawn twice and the backyard once! By this time last year, I think the front yard had grass heights in excess of eight inches! What did the neighbors think???

So more or less I am here to ask for your forgiveness that I have not posted more or any content for the last number of weeks. We all have daily activities and responsibilities that leech away our time. I truly enjoy seeing the daily stats of how many readers pulled up on of my topics and where they reside but what I really like to see is the feedback when someone reads something I have composed and they have some sort of reaction to it.

Five hours from now I will be on a tennis court to get some exercise with a friend of mine. Aside from trying to show young master Ayden the fundamentals of the game last summer, I have not been on a tennis court with another adult holding a racket in probably two to three years if not longer. Tennis is something I picked up from watching it on TV decades ago. I never took a lesson until I was in my late 30’s but before that I tried to emulate the pros’ techniques I watched on TV with decent success (in my opinion). In my lifetime, I think I have maybe played 10-12 actual games where we kept score. Mostly I would be out on the court just rallying with another player or players and that was a challenge.

I’m not saying I am a finished product as a player but the other participants I have played against were literally all over the court with their tennis shots. Most of the time it was not by design either, they were just happy to hit the ball over the net. So I got my exercise chasing down all these crazy shots. To my opponents’ credit, some could direct their shots a bit so they found it amusing to run me back and forth across the court just to watch me run. I didn’t mind. I was getting to play a sport. From my earliest memories, I was into sports and was always looking to try to pick up new ones to see if I liked them.

So back to the here and now. Softball is my favorite sport along with baseball but from a playing standpoint, I can still play softball. Baseball not so much. But with tennis and golf and bowling, these sports do not require twenty or more people (10 per team and at least two teams to play a game). With less people needed, coordinating a game or match is less of a headache.

Alright, I can tell I’m rambling a bit so I will snip the ribbon here to tie up the package. Everyone enjoy your Cinco De Mayo (no mayo for me please) and we will try to be back here soon.



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