Post Production

Hello all!

I know the title sounds like I am wrapping up a movie or an epic HBO series but in reality, I’m talking about the output (quantity) of posts for my blog. So far this year of 2019 I have produced 16 posts (not including this one). By comparison, last year in June alone I posted 14 times!


Sorry, accidentally left the caps lock on. To answer honestly and in plain old English: no.

It boils down to being just too stinking busy this year with the new work gig. Throw in Ayden and his ramped up activities plus my usual softball addiction and the days fly by with little to show for them except a pile of dirty dishes and unwashed laundry. Another hurdle is my home computer. It is an older, refurbished MAC that is a tad cranky and makes the desire to fight with it to type up my posts, a chore in and of itself. And since my lotto number pickery is still flawed, I have no extraneous funds to allocate towards purchasing a slick new computer. However, today like most days, I am still holding out some hope that my streak of non-grand prize winning entries will come to an end…much like the Stanley Cup Champion St Louis Blues ended their cup/championship drought. Time will tell I suppose.

Everyone enjoy their weekend and check out my other social media outlets: podcast, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.



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