NYEEE (New Year’s Eve Eve Eve)

Welcome to December 29th! It’s a Sunday with no special circumstances to alleviate the work day forthcoming tomorrow (the dreaded Monday). It’s not New Year’s Eve Eve Eve’s fault. So remember Sunday is still a good thing until about 7-8pm when the mind turns towards the impending tomorrow. Please enjoy the time we have left until Monday poisons the last tidbit of our weekend.

Besides resetting the buckets on our medical plan co-pays and such, what strikes you as significant about flipping the calendar to January and thus the year 2020? I would imagine we could read a book series titled 2020 (https://www.amazon.com/gp/bookseries/B00SNMRBJK/ref=dp_st_1499292945) or just watch a plethora of the Netflix, Hulu, Amazon et al bingeworthy series created and designed to ensnare us all. If you hop down that rabbit hole, I will not judge you…

2019 has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. At times the coaster has been shut down for maintenance but for the most part it has jerked us viciously from side to side without advance warning. With the new year on deck (baseball reference), let us take a moment to reflect on all that happened (good and bad) and take stock of the good still here. Undoubtedly the new year will hold many ‘wows’ and more than its share of devastating losses (just based on history and experience to date). Everyone, hold on to the moment, savor it and move ahead with bravery.

Cheers to all and here’s to hoping that the New Year holds infinitely more smiles and laughs than tears.



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