Day 365 – 2019 Edition

Hello! Thank you for dropping in on my tiny slice of cyber-where. This will be my final blog post…this year. I’ve included some rando pictures of silly stuffs. I anticipate much will change in 2020…and some things will not. What will those changes look like, it’s hard to say at the moment. But like most things in life, you can jump into the surf and wade out to meet them or just wait on the shore to see if the repercussions will be impactful.

January and February will see softball topics perk back into the conversations along with other interests and projects. Let’s just hope I stay healthy enough to avoid being hospitalized in 2020. That is my one New Year’s Resolution and I even speak about it in my latest podcast:

Again thanks to all those who have read my work or listened to my podcast(s). Cheers to you and see you on the other side of the ball drop!

Peace. — Scott — <<12-31-2019>>

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