Cooking Up Stress

So new year and new stuff. As it is currently winter in this hemisphere, the weather is cold and mostly forbidding to be outside although not as harsh as some years. For most winters I tend to spend quite a bit of time inside…and eating. This year is no different. The scale reading of my weight in Earth pounds backs up this claim most egregiously.

My wife and I combine to make a two income household. Sometimes her work schedule dictates that I be the MC of dinner activities for our home; at least a few nights per week is the norm. For some humans, venturing into the kitchen is a delight and an opportunity to express themselves through ingredients and food outcome. For me, it’s another opportunity to be stressed out and worry about failure.

Why stressed out you say? Well because when it comes to cooking (or anything for that matter) I do not want to fail. Especially to fail badly enough that I waste food and have nothing to show for my efforts (and our dollars). In all fairness to myself, I am a competent household cook most nights. My cooking skill set is nothing fancy mind you but I can pull off most simple dishes to be edible and generally make enough food (portion-wise) to feed us all to moderate satisfaction.

As a layer to paint a slightly more detailed picture, let me talk about our spice race. We came to have this spice rack that contains all sorts of spices (naturally) as a wedding gift. Of the 30 or so spices in the inventory, I think I have ventured to use four or five of these accent flavorings. I am someone who has zero culinary training aside from being taught some cooking, prepping and tasting fundamentals by my mom about 35 years ago. I am admittedly wary of experimenting with food. Don’t get me wrong. If I have been to a restaurant multiple times, I will sometimes venture to try some new dishes, even at the risk of going home hungry. But when it comes to putting on my mad scientist’s chef’s hat at home, I’m just not that bold.

Maybe someone, somewhere out there in cyber world, can give me some sage advice when it comes to cooking and maybe I can learn to enjoy the experience better. Alas, as of right now, I dread going into the kitchen unless it is to make something simple like a pizza or a microwave bag of veggies.

Food, I still love thee but I just want someone else to make you for me. 😀

Hope everyone is enjoying their first week of the year 2020. Stay safe and sane and talk to you soon.

Peace. — Scott / 01-07-2020

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