"TUESDAY" production sign
“TUESDAY” production sign (Photo credit: Vaguely Artistic)

Almost no one ever talks about Tuesday. It certainly doesn’t get the (bad) press that Monday gets nor the adulation the Friday is lavished with in heaps and shovelfuls. Saturday and Sunday are a time to ratchet

up the debauchery and blow off energy even if you have to work those days – there’s always a little slice of time shoe-horned in to watch sports, have sex, get drunk (and have sex), get together with friends, plan something, etc.

Wednesday is hump day so it gets a free pass and everyone thinks it is cute. And Thursday is Fun Friday’s cool neighbor so yeah buddy! Which brings us back to poor ignored Tuesday. Sure a few strip clubs run drink specials or some such to try to prop up Tuesday’s lagging sense of self worth but we know the truth.

Cheers to you Tuesday for getting us to move on from that horrendous Monday character. 🙂


A sweet friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a larger than life personality and this has been an obviously upsetting event. Her prognosis is good with aggressively treatment which means she has some very hard days coming in the near weeks and months. I wish her much strength and I pledge to try to send her a smile every day until she is

English: pink ribbon
English: pink ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

declared the winner over breast cancer. Love you Rachel and Miley clan.

Friday ~~ Thank You For Just Being You!

As I crank the Bruno Mars…I wonder if he has enough fiber in his diet? It might explain the pitch of his voice.

How many times today have you used the word ‘SLOPPY’? I just realized I haven’t once today – not referring to the quality of a completed project within the workplace or the level of gone-ness for a drunk. 

Tonight Weird Alfred Yankovic will be live and in-person within the Show Me State of Missouri to entertain the masses who willingly forked over their hard earned cash to see his countenance. Should be a fun time with me and Sir Michael Simpson (if he had been knighted by the queen). 

Tomorrow I shall attempt to not have any body parts be forcefully struck with a optic yellow softball. Wish me luck and everyone have a fabulous evening and weekend!


Taste Buds
Taste Buds (Photo credit: Happysmurfday)

Just tried the new orange flavored energy drink by the makers of Mountain Dew called KickStart. It tastes bad. Like the Max Velocity Uncaged energy drink you can buy at Shop N Save for around a dollar – but Max Velocity actually tastes better! Save your money and get an AMP or Full Throttle if you actually like your taste buds! 🙂

Rainy Thursday

English: Panorama of St. Louis, Missouri, Unit...
English: Panorama of St. Louis, Missouri, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mother Nature is lost – can someone please lend her your GPS so she can find Seattle proper? We here in St Louis are well stocked up on inclement weather for awhile. Some people might be tempted to blame Bruno Mars but I say NAY! Bruno is innocent unless you can provide hardcore evidence that he is involved.

New Day

Today is the day AFTER the Boston Marathon tragedy.

In today’s A-D-D movie plot society with all the instant coverage and sensationalism around such events its sad that in two weeks this will be a all but forgotten except in and around the physical epicenter of the carnage.

The Boston Marathon or any marathon is such a grueling event. I know saying something like this is senseless is obvious but its also cruel. Eventually the culprits will be apprehended and this will give some people closure.

Anyone who knows me knows my stance on distance runners: I think they are nuts for the toll it takes on their bodies. That’s not to say I’m not impressed by their dedication and efforts but I still think they are nuts. The Boston Marathon is an institution so this act is cowardly and should be viewed as an act of terrorism. Peace to everyone today. Sorry no a$$ kicking,

2013 Boston Marathon
2013 Boston Marathon (Photo credit: Pete Tschudy)

lets just chill.

Text Messages

What is the courtesy factor in text messages? lol, lmao lmfao, gtg, 🙂 😦 😉

How many is too many? How do you know when to stop responding? Spelling is mostly forgiven (even if most phones have spell-checker for better or worse) but what constitutes obscene (just words)? When is too late to text? What do you do when you get a text from someone u don’t know? At what point do you have to wait for a response from someone when you have sent multiple inquires?

Just curious, as I am on alot of topics. I send about 3000 texts a month – mostly softball related and alot of them are quite inane. So I was mostly just being nosy to what most people do in their personal texting experiences and do their girlfriends, wives, husbands, boyfriends, kids and parents comment on such activity? How much is too much? And to those who habitually do not respond (even when you reply to them within a minute of their text) – we know you’re there! lol

Everyone have a kick a$$ Monday even if the weather is not ideal where you are. OMG!!!

Time Slip

Somehow I missed blogging yesterday?

Oh well. As you well know by now I play a considerable amount of softball. This week my Monday night team got belatedly rained out. My Tuesday night team got the session pushed back to next week. I filled in last night for a friend and got drenched in a torrential downpour luckily it was near my house so I didn’t sit in wet clothes for long. I am scheduled to play tonight but with the water event last night – that is a certainty to be rained out officially here shortly. 

One week from tomorrow Weird Al Yankovic (please control your unbridled enthusiasm) will be in concert at the Family Arena in St Charles and I shall be in attendance – again! I think this will be the 4th or 5th time seeing him in concert. Yeah this is a BRAG post! 🙂 

Now if the yard fairies will appear and manicure my lawn and dispose of the yard waste that would be spiffy! Have a kick a$$ day my friends…

PS3 Gaming

OK so I’m going to acknowledge my dork mode here and talk about my favorite gaming franchises for the PS3: God of War, Dead Space and Darksiders (Honorable mentions to Mortal Kombat and Castlevania).

Kratos and the cast of killable Gods is my favorite, followed by Isaac Clarke and the necromorphs and lastly by the multidimensional War/Death exploits. These three franchises trotted out their latest installments of their games within the last 6 months and now I’ll have to wait 2 years before the next installments. Castlevania in the PS3 incarnation (Castlevania II is in the works) plays very similar to Shadow of the Colossus – very creative and fun. Long standing MK (Mortal Kombat) franchise has spanned multiple game platforms and I will always loyally play these. FIGHT!

DarkSiders II
DarkSiders II (Photo credit: SpicaGames)

About Last Night…

Some might recall this as a movie from long ago…but as is the norm in these parts – it rained on Sunday. As a consequence, the Aviation Fields of Forest Park were deemed unplayable for softball as they rely upon Mother Nature to dry out the fields instead of actually having a staff to attend to them to try to make them playable. Why this becomes complainable is because my team showed up with a full compliment of players…and we were the only team that showed up. Our coach was on his way to Chicago and did not leave anyone in his stead to check such trivial things as … are we indeed playing? The footnote to this is that Forest Park is notorious for having rainouts even with minimal rain.

Nevertheless, I got dirty and a bit sweaty as the guys decided to make the most of things and have a little BP session. The next opportunity for softball is Thursday at the Lyons Park across from the AB Brewery. Stay tuned…

English: Stanley Sting, the Chicago Sting masc...
English: Stanley Sting, the Chicago Sting mascot, signs autographs along with staff, players, and coaches from the team as part of 1984 NASL Champion Chicago Sting Reunion Night, September 26, 2009 at Toyota Park, Bridgeview, Illinois before the Chicago Fire played Toronto FC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)