Bio…graphy and biodegradable (2019)

WTH or What The Hell?!! Or What.The.Friggin.Hell. Actually that makes it: WTFH! Gratuitous profanity accepted here.

This is a ‘Contact’ page and/or my Biography.


I enjoy texting, blogging, pod-casting, IM’ing, engaging in competitive sports activities (softball, tennis, golf, bowling, mini-golf, darts, pool, etc.) and playing Cards Against Humanity and Texas Hold’em.

I have been married twice and divorced once.

Been a member of Facebook (scott.latta.7) and Twitter (@oohaw94 (+)) since 2009.  Instagram (oohaw94) and Tumblr (oohaw94) came along a little later for me. As owner of this blog since April 2013 I try to cover a variety of topics – sometimes multiple times per day. In 2016 I started a podcast on Podbean – which is a free iPhone app – for my personal nonsense (The Freak Show Podcast) and also I co-hosted one called Sports Stalkers (now defunct) with a softball friend. You can look for The Freak Show Podcast on the Podbean site or Google me.  Additionally I have accounts for Google+, YouTube, Easy and Pinterest but let’s not focus on those last two.

I am roughly 67.5+ inches tall and weigh around 189-ish pounds (depending upon the day). Birthday is observed annually on the 23rd of June under the sign of the Cancer (Crab!!). Personal email is: — and I enjoy reading emails.

http://www.scottlatta5000, —> Personal Website if you don’t want to Google all of the above info ^^^^ all this info is housed here.  🙂

I am a sports-minded person who likes to discuss a variety of topics with the exception of politics. Politics is such a convoluted forum and most people who want to rage about it are dealing with about half of the puzzle pieces so I would prefer to just not.

I like to end my posts by wishing my readers Peace.  🙂

From January until December I will find a softball venue to play at…it’s true, IT’S DAMN TRUE!

+ Also on Twitter for the Go Show Podcast page and The Freak Show Podcast page (@stlsportstalk).

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