January-September 2013

Hello all and by all you know who I mean. 🙂

It has been a rough year in 2013. Its been a year of change and loss for me. I’ve lost my puppy Rio to an aggressive tumor, my cuddly kitty of 21 years Mischief to old age, I’ve lost my marriage/relationship of 21 years, lost my home-based business to failure, my home-base and lost most of my mind.

I’m still playing some softball a few nights a week to allow myself some time for escape. I quit my men’s tournament softball team to focus on the coed tournament team with mixed results so far. Love my coed team Stl Fury and do not regret the move one bit.

Other than that not much is happening except I’m trying to hold on until January at my job so I can get my 401K match money before I look to saner pastures. Ah the things we do for money…

My circle of friends has been overwhelmingly supportive and I love them dearly. I honestly do not know what I would’ve done without their support. Holidays are looming and that should present some sad challenges.

My goals are simple in the coming months. First: survive the rest of the year (lol). Second: wrap up my pending divorce and lock down my new living situation. Third: be responsible financially.

In the event I get hit by a bus or a meteorite tomorrow and this ends up being my last blog (I sincerely hope not!) then I’d like to thank all my friends and my mom for letting me lean on them as much as I have. I feel like I can achieve alot more than I have been and look forward to doing bigger and better things once I start to heal from a very painful year.

Go Indians! Much love to my universe. Peace…