Swing Away If The Rain Will Go Away!

Tonight I am supposed to play league softball at Fenton Park. As I type this, the windows here are being pelted with strong wind and rain. This may translate into a rain out and no softball for me. If that happens I will be sad because I was really looking forward to getting in BP (batting practice) to divert some of my inner frustrations and depressing thoughts.

What do I have to be frustrated and depressed about? Too much to type here and for the record no one cares anyway so why bother to waste the energy expounding on the topic. Normally I would shunt this kind of post to my Tumblr account but today I’m just in give up and don’t care mode.

I hope your day is going better than the pathetic mental progression I was stepping through last night at the Dollar Tree in Arnold (MO).


For the record I am not perfect, nor have I ever said or implied that I am.


Last night on my podcast for Sports Stalkers on the Podbean app, my co-host Jeremy incorrectly used the term apathetic when speaking about a teammate. What he meant to say was the opposite of apathetic to characterized this guy on his team. Rich Jones is a very nice guy and a heckuva good teammate.

Today I used the word truss with my girlfriend Kristi. She has been experiencing back pain and I meant to convey an apparatus to more or less girdle her and strengthen her back…but I think it came across more like the noun instead of the verb. If she went with the literal sense, I could see her mentally picturing physical outside supports around her, kind of like a vertical mine shaft.

In reviewing last night’s podcast, I was very quick to make fun of Jeremy (on Facebook) for using a word he really did not understand or obviously use all that much in his life. Now, I am here to give myself a pardon for a similar situation. In this instance, my word usage was sort of like the double play in baseball where the second baseman doesn’t actually step on the second base bag before throwing the ball to first for the out but the runner going to second is called out on the ‘in the area play’. For the record, this lazy interpretation will probably never happen again in real baseball with the implementation of instant replay, which I for one applaud. If you don’t touch the base with your foot, then there is no out!

Bottom line, sorry Jeremy you are still on the hook and I get a pass. If you do not like it…start your own blog!

Happy Monday y’all!


<<August 7, 2017>>

Happy Belated Birthday Christina Robinson

Some of you are scrambling to the Google app to figure out who that is. But before you do, just know that yesterday was her 19th birthday. Now to end the suspense…she portrayed Astor Bennett on a Showtime series. Still drawing a blank…then let me cut to the heart of the matter. She was Rita Bennett’s daughter on one of my favorite shows of all-time: Dexter.

So Happy Belated Birthday Young Lady! To the rest of us not in the vicinity of our birthdays…back to work!  🙂


Cue the Jaws movie theme…

Occasionally my mind travels in weird loops instead of the normal linear process that most people enjoy. It’s not all bad. Sometimes I get an idea out of the blue and run with it. This morning it was shark cages.

Now I didn’t say Shark Tank like the popular TV show. I said, shark cages, you know like the metal ones they drop into the ocean with humans inside who want to ‘swim with the sharks’? Crazy mofo’s is all I’m saying there. But nonetheless, the idea of shark cages kept darting at my brain like a moth to the softball field lights at Wolffs Softball Haven during the late games of league.

Shark cages. How much does a ‘nice’ shark cage cost? How much does a cheap shark cage cost for that matter? Who makes a quality product and who has negative reviews (if they survived to post about it)? Can I get one on Amazon.com and get free two day shipping with my Prime membership? Does it come pre-assembled or is there like an 80-page booklet of instructions to go with 361 unique parts to put together? Do they offer an extended warranty?

With the miracle of Google, I was able to cultivate some rough information but most of it is skewed towards people just wanting the dive experience with a company that has existing cages. For example, this one company near San Francisco offers a special $825 price per diver in the cage (max 4 people in cage) but they also do not guarantee that you will see a shark. No refunds for shark no-shows or equipment malfunctions (air tank failure? boat sinks?) to boot. Although, for that $825 price it included a boat charter, time in the water (in the cage) and wet suit with air tank rental. So all-in-all that seemed like a decent time unless Megalodon comes along and swallows your cage with you safely still inside! In hopping from site to site, I did see one place overseas that offered “kids swim for free” (in the cage). Sounds like a great traumatic experience for impressionable young minds!

But eventually I did find some rough pricing for buying a cage. Depending on what size and what bells and whistles you wanted, you could get a ‘personal’ cage for about $8000 and other more industrial cages went for about $25,000. The caveat being that you needed to have a vessel capable of first hauling, then dropping and withdrawing the cage from the ocean.

Hopefully you found this post both informative and enlightening. If you were on the fence about purchasing a shark cage or swimming with the sharks and this piece didn’t sway you one way or the other, perhaps watch the movie 47 Meters Down.

Glub Glub Glub GLUB!

That was me underwater saying to have a great day.


Cadaver Dogs

Did you know there is a website called http://www.cadaverdog.com? I had not a clue until about 12 seconds ago. I was thinking to myself:

“What are the biggest sellers for the Cadbury company during the months after Easter?”

I start typing Cadbury in the search engine and auto-fill suggests cadaver…from there my mind starts sing-songing: Cadaver Dogs, down in the swamp! (To the tune of Bob Evans…down on the farm!) Why did my mind go there? I honestly have no clue. Sometimes the track switches without warning and the train rolls on.

In scanning through some material on cadaver dogs, I was surprised to learn a few things. For me, I kind of get the doggie stereo-type of German Shepherds as the police dogs with all the detection tools. But come to find out, there are several breeds that are utilized especially when trying to locate human remains. Goldens, blood hounds, collies, beagles, pit bulls and more! So don’t be like me. Let your mind be open and receptive to the opportunities available to many dog breeds regardless of size, color or gender.

Today’s random Google search has taught me a valuable lesson in embracing the possibilities (for doggie workers). And here’s to hoping I am never in need of the cadaver dogs’ services to locate my remains somewhere down the road.

To everyone who breathes in the air on this Earth while reading my posts, keep fighting the good ‘eat healthy’ battle. If nothing else, at least try to speak the names of healthy vegetables in the hopes that invoking their names to the universe will lead to good health.





Breaking it down again

Good morning, Thursday morning (said in the cadence of: Bond, James Bond).

From time to time I like to look at the stats for my blog and it always amuses me. Far and away, most of my readers are from the United States. But it’s those second, third, fourth and fifth places that I find intriguing. I usually get a couple of handfuls of hits from the UK and Canada (what’s that all aboot, eh?). Then from there, the numbers are scattered all over the globe – literally. India, France and Germany are typically right there next in line. Occasionally I will get some Australia (g ‘day mate!) and Mexico. Rounding out the top 10, there are the hits from South Korea and Japan and I am wondering if that translation comes across as quirky or just word vomit?

Checking into my reader stats is kind of like baseball. Baseball is full of stats and it’s interesting to delve into the numbers and see how they match up. Did my post from 3 years ago all of sudden catch a current trend? Are students and information cravers from afar using my blog as an example of “if he can do it, anyone can do it”?

To the person wearing your shirt…wish me luck. Today I am attempting to publish my first blog for the company I work for and I really can’t be belligerent or overly colorful.

Off to start writing! Almost Friday!