Day of the Dead





So last weekend I went camping and floating which is a popular summertime activity. It usually consists of arriving on Friday night (check). Setting up a tent (check). Waiting for any additional friends to arrive (check). Eyeball or checkout the surrounding camper personnel (check).

After everyone arrives and all their stuff is unloaded and tents setup then the socializing starts. Consuming alcohol, creating a camp fire and unwinding are accomplished. Shenanigans ensue with drinking games and search parties heading into the woods after dark to look for firewood.

Saturday is normally the ‘float’ day. This is where you get to checkout the entire campgrounds idea of what makes them look good. We were in a very crowded and rambunctious site. Tons of bikinis on females and shirtless dudes as far as the eye could see – for better or worse in each category. Everyone hits the river to float in a raft or canoe or kayak. From there pretty much anything goes.

On the river, some people just lay on the raft and tan themselves. Some get out of the raft and float in inner tubes. Some throw footballs or frisbees or squirt river water with squirt guns. Then there are the daredevils who climb up rock formations and ‘cliff dive’ in the deeper parts of the river. Most of these river goers are consuming alcohol and having a great time.

Then after the river has run its course and the float is done – then everyone adjourns to their campsite for more drinking, eating and merriment. This normally lasts into the wee early hours of morning depending on the campground rules. If you have a ‘fun’ group, then most likely there are a few stories that will be retold about occurrences of a risque or rather embarrassing nature.

Turn the page to Sunday morning. Pack up day. Going back home day. Day of the Dead as I like to call it. The reason I call it that is because if you mentally compare the people you see on Sunday morning in sweat pants and hoodies to their previous day’s self in swim suits or their party wear – they look like extras from the Walking Dead series on A&E. Their clothes are different and most people have bedhead, a blank stare on their face and they tend to shuffle around camp.

Shout out to the Bass River Resort near Steelville, Missouri where the party was last weekend. Had fun. Played with the camp fire. Played wiffle ball. Got 6 miles worth of cardio on the river from dragging the raft through shallow spots. Saw some river hooters (not the owl variety). Played my first unsuccessful drinking game of flip cup.

This week I turn the page and head to Columbia Missouri for the Show Me Games softball tournament. Hoping to do well and bring home a winner.

BTW – Rum Chatta chocolate pudding is da bomb!



You ever feel like stepping outside of yourself
Become someone else entirely
So you can say what you want
And let the consequences be damned

You see me as tame and a little sad
But I’m just hiding my rage
Little by little it finds the cracks
And soon you will run from me

Blind eye in the sky sees no one
Spreading love over nothingness
Tomorrow is just a wasted today not yet
Come along and the cliff is just ahead


What is understanding? We have so many overlapping life experiences that when something of significance goes down (no not getting 200 followers on Twitter) we empathize with family, friends and peers based on how we felt during the similar experience. But sometimes two people can be so radically different that a similar experience does not generate the expected emotional response.

For example, if person A is close with their father and their father becomes sick then person A is distraught. Whereas person B is not close with their father and their father becomes sick then person B may show indifference or bitterness towards the father for the factors that led up to them not being close.

Looking at someone you can never know what is going on beneath the surface. One person’s bad day (flat tire, not feeling well, got fired, paper cut on your eyelid, etc) doesn’t necessarily compare to another’s bad day (family being held hostage in a foreign land, friend committed suicide, pending criminal trial, etc).

A select few people really understand me and I think that is probably true for most people. Only a hardened few within the inner circle can see a person and get a feeling for who they really are and what makes them happy, what deflates them and what makes them shut down or shut off everyone. Being understood and appreciated (not judged) is not something to be taken lightly.

I shall stop rambling. Value those in your life who ‘get’ you and that you can trust. Everyday has the potential to change that up in a hurry.

Peace out.