Stirring the pot a little – PT. II

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Spaghettios and other un-followable tangents

Good morning and thank you to all who have Googled various topics I have written about or who regularly check the main page for new topics! Another month with 300+ hits is very gratifying!

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Hello and Happy Friday!

First off thank you to the many dedicated readers of mine, either by choice or accident, who have continued to check in on my blog this month. Thank you, thank you! With the extra time prepping for work trips and other time obligations, the time to post on my blog has been scarce. With that said I have a topic for today!

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PSA: Children of today

Never grow up, just don’t do it. It’s entirely a trap. Bait-and-switch. A punch to the face while sleeping. No matter what great things you think there are in being adult, it’s just not worth it. Yeah there are a few decent but elusive perks (censored) but the mountainous loads of BS you have to endure for those precious few perks will only turn you quickly to a life of vice, bitterness and unrelenting sarcasm.


Peace. Friday the 13th style.