Fantasy Football

2011 Fantasy Football Week 16
2011 Fantasy Football Week 16 (Photo credit: fantasycouch)

Anyone who knows me will not even listen to me anymore when it comes to the subject of Fantasy Football.

The bitching and whining that I do on this subject is just downright pathetic and annoying. (sooooooorry)

If not for Fantasy Football why else would I watching some of the horrendous match ups of mediocre football cities? (sorry New York teams).

I have 4 teams this year and not one of them has a winning record…two were eliminated from playoff contention with 3 weeks to go in the fantasy season! I Suck and I digress!

New Place…

Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School - Te...
Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School – Teacher Team Building In-Service day 2009 (47) (Photo credit: Create-Learning Team Building & Leadership)

As of this writing, I am in my new apartment.

Much is moving along…work still sucks, Charter Cable is an unholy overcharging monster, softball has moved indoors for the remainder of the year and I’m doing my laundry $1.50 at a time.

Being in your own place is a good chance to get in touch with your inner compulsions. First time living on my own, its a little weird but getting used to it slowly.

Much more to come…PEACE.