May 7th Cleveland Indians Report

Good afternoon and welcome to my blog. A few times each year I will take to this forum to discuss my favorite baseball team, the Cleveland Indians. Unlike some baseball fans who only gripe about the problems with their team or are completely bias when it comes to their favorites, I break down my team in an honest fashion and at least offer semi-reasonable solutions. Also when I perceive weakness with a player or position or unit, I suggest a solution or point out how the problem could have been avoided. So with the tracks greased, let’s shove off and see how much speed we can pick up before the termination point! Continue reading “May 7th Cleveland Indians Report”


May the 4th…

Stop right there. I know mentally there are some of you already gearing up your Star Wars references. I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter since early this morning so the bombardment has only grown in momentum. But if you must, go ahead and sling about your Star Wars forced fourth references.

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Random Things at Random Times

Good afternoon and welcome!

For the regular readers: Hi, how ya doin?

For the unsuspecting others who landed here via the hands of fate (or a search engine), you may be in for a treat! Or possibly just in for a head-scratcher of a time. Continue reading “Random Things at Random Times”

Stirring the pot a little – PT. II

Good day to all, young to old and from here to Timbuktu and maybe a little further!


Awhile ago (June 11, 2015 to be exact), I wrote a blog piece called Stirring the Pot a little… and this month for whatever reason that piece is responsible for 10% of my total hits. So for all those people out there who love sequels (no matter how poorly thought out and executed), I have devised another picture post to honor those who take pride in egging on silly on-line disputes or just poking all those sleeping bears out there with no apparent point to their shenanigans. So with the proper amount of ado…here-we-go:


And last but not least a little visual word play with these two:


Everyone have a terrifically super awesome gluten-free waffle time of it!



Spaghettios and other un-followable tangents

Good morning and thank you to all who have Googled various topics I have written about or who regularly check the main page for new topics! Another month with 300+ hits is very gratifying!

This morning as I was driving into work and I had to sharply apply the brakes to avoid a numskull who slipped in front of me in traffic with nary a turn signal used. When this occurred, the can of Spaghettios (with Meatballs) started to escape the plastic bag serving as my lunch bag on the seat right next to me. The can tried to roll over the lip of the passenger seat in the car but my reflexes were just quick enough to snag the can and re-position it so as to avoid a repeat occurrence. In my mind, I was ready for this scenario to happen again with all the careless and oblivious drivers and their associated driving patterns. On the label of the can I spied a humanized Spaghettio with arms and a face. After I arrived at work I Googled the Spaghettio dude to see if there was significance to this cartoony and jovial face. Turns out my instincts were four year old ice scraper sharp and I was right! This loop-faced carb ring persona is known as TheO! For those out there who didn’t know, along with the greater numbers who do not care, now you know as well! Case solved Scooby, let’s continued to move across the country randomly looking for Murder She Wrote plots that can be debunked as nothing more than greed of the human spirit.

With the Spaghettio Man mystery put to bed, my attention turned to thoughts of another long day: going to work, rushing to get my dry cleaning after work, remembering I forgot to grab my reimbursement check (from work) to deposit in the bank, pre-dreading a hectic drive home to prep Ayden for his first baseball game for his team tonight and afterwards scooting across the Missouri-Illinois state line to play a little softball in beautiful downtown Waterloo. This softball venue is just minutes from the reception hall where I will be standing up and saying ‘I Do’ at in November. And scary enough, today isn’t even as hectic as yesterday was. These two days got me to thinking about single parents and their daily plights. For all those single parents floating around this green and blue globe we call Earth, I salute you and your efforts to manage family life. I do not know how you do it on the economic front, within reasonable time management and last but not least from a personal energy and stamina standpoint. Kudos to all those single beings, who are fighting the good fight, to give your sprout(s)  a decent chance to make it into the future.

Everyone have a splendid and joyous weekend and may good fortune smile on us – financially or spiritually or both if possible!



Hello and Happy Friday!

First off thank you to the many dedicated readers of mine, either by choice or accident, who have continued to check in on my blog this month. Thank you, thank you! With the extra time prepping for work trips and other time obligations, the time to post on my blog has been scarce. With that said I have a topic for today!

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PSA: Children of today

Never grow up, just don’t do it. It’s entirely a trap. Bait-and-switch. A punch to the face while sleeping. No matter what great things you think there are in being adult, it’s just not worth it. Yeah there are a few decent but elusive perks (censored) but the mountainous loads of BS you have to endure for those precious few perks will only turn you quickly to a life of vice, bitterness and unrelenting sarcasm.


Peace. Friday the 13th style.

No Offense

Happy Hump Day – the last one for March 2018! Time, relatively speaking, seems to have flown by in the first three months of this year. It is already the end of March and the baseball regular season is set to begin tomorrow (Thursday, March 29th); so that is something to be excited and enthused about for the short-term. But twirling in this everyday grind of adulting, things are so much lather, rinse and repeat. Obviously for the hygiene-conscious people this has a literal translation but also in the cosmic sense of full-time adult life of having to work to support family and a life style – it applies there too. Continue reading “No Offense”

Tuesday Picture Fun – 03-27-2018

Sometimes I cannot function well enough to put together two to eight thousand words like I would like to…so on those days I grab a bunch of random pictures and let them speak for me. Today’s pictures depict, well, you tell me.

Have a great day and let me sort out my brain for extended word related content.



Writing Fragments (Cutting Room Floor)

Happy Hump Day e-travelers! Hope your surfing experience is hitch and glitch free. Sometimes when I have ideas in my head that knock on the inner door asking for entry, there is a bit of a tangent that occurs. I can usually see a bit of a silly path or a serious path to write about in flushing out the idea. Today in a random moment while washing my hands (yes people, you can do that after going #1 or #2 in a public restroom! Ugh!), I spied the restroom attendant’s cart of cleaning supplies. One such item was a sheathed toilet brush. From there the tangent process just flowed (sorry for the pun).

Bathroom Attendant Dory (BAD): Hi there. Are you having a great day?

ME: (Washing hands) Yeah it’s OK.

BAD: Mind if I ask you a question?

ME: (Hesitantly) Sure.

BAD: (Reaches into her cart and pulls out a toilet brush) Does this smell like fresh apple blossoms?

ME: (Visibly grimacing) I’d rather not.

BAD: (Pulls the toilet brush close, closes her eyes and smells it like a flower) I smell a meadow and a summer breeze.

ME: (Finishes washing hands and activates auto-paper towel dispenser) OK, well I have to get back to work now.

BAD: (Unceremoniously whips brush to within inches of my nose) Can’t you just smell the grass and breeze?

ME: In all honesty, it smells like mildew, boiled eggs and purification.

BAD: (Looking more than slightly offended and facially saddened) That’s not very nice. Wandy has been with me six years as of today. She has helped me clean up some pretty nasty messes. (She starts waving the toilet brush around like a child with a 4th of July sparkler.)

ME: Alright, sorry to offend Wandy but I have to go now.

BAD: It’s OK. Maybe I will take her bowl-ling later to celebrate our six years together! Get it, bowl-ling?

ME: Alrightey then, take care, bye bye now.

This took about a minute to play out in my head between washing my hands and waiting for the elevator. I forgot to mention BAD was wearing long, oven-cleaning-yellow, rubber gloves and a protective apron like Dexter used to wear on his show.

Hope your day before the day before Friday is going well.



Concuss Thy Self

Hello and greetings! Today is Tuesday and it’s a foggy, fuzzy day just like yesterday. And no I am not making a visual assessment of the weather conditions of Loch Ness; although it would be cool to check out Nessie’s home at least once before I am rendered into a pile of dust. Continue reading “Concuss Thy Self”