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I am sure that most of you are like me today and stumped by the lack of Wiki pages or enshrinement websites to the late Mahlon W Kenney. Continue reading


Social Anxiety

Hello and welcome. Today is the second Wednesday in March 2018 so if you have a calendar you can probably narrow today’s date down based on deductive reasoning. For the first time in several weeks I feel as though I can catch my breath. No I have not been on a treadmill non-stop or doing a ton of exertion-based exercises. I am meaning from a figurative point of reference, I can mentally exhale and be OK for a minute. Continue reading

MLB Salary Crisis

Good day. I come to you under the direst of circumstances to talk about what is plaguing Major League Baseball today: Player salaries. There it’s out. Now we can stop ignoring the butterfly in the room…or was it an elephant? Who knows.

Since the 2017 World Series ended and free agency opened up, there have been more than a few player movement deals but not nearly as many as in previous years. For whatever reasons, during this off season the general managers have drawn their line in the sand and shown actual restraint. It has been spooky. Normally by this time in spring training, fans have a plethora of signings to mull over and jabber about for the good and the bad. ‘Franchise X grossly overpaid for this player to fill a need but so did about a dozen others.’ Continue reading


GBF Tourney On Deck

Good morning!

Today is March 7th and I have put together all I can to align the 10 coed teams and 12 men’s teams for the Greg Fusco Memorial Softball Tourney this weekend at Wolffs Softball Haven.

As someone who has played in literally countless games of softball, from leagues to tournaments, I have a heightened sense of respect for those who run these endeavors and plan them. All of the behind the scenes stresses and trouble-shooting is insane. To the casual observer it seems like you find a place, show up, play, then go home. If only things were that simple.

In mid-January 2018 after learning of the circumstances surrounding Greg Fusco’s death, I originally spoke up on-line and decided to put on this event to benefit Greg’s family. After choosing a date (March 10th-11th weekend) that I thought would be ‘open’ and not infringe upon other associations or team’s fundraising plans, I spent the next three weeks of my time and energy trying to gain total access to a venue. Those efforts proved fruitless until I was able to utilize my connection with the owner of Wolffs Softball Haven and Bill agreed to let me use his park for my event for a small fee.

My connection with Wolffs Softball Haven began after a long hiatus from softball; from the early 1990’s (wow I sound old typing stuff like that) until the early 2000’s (that doesn’t sound much better) I didn’t really play any softball. But in 2004 I was re-introduced to the game that has become nearly an obsession for me. During those mid-2000 years (my early 30’s) I frequented Wolffs Softball Haven more and more for leagues and tournaments. Actually I met my fiancee there in the fall of 2013 (like Greg met his wife on the softball field). In September I proposed to my fiancee on a softball field after we had played our games (Greg proposed to his wife on a softball field after a game). My fiancee and I have set our wedding date for November 2018 (Greg had just gotten married in November 2017).

Similarities aside, eerie as they may be, Greg was a regular guy playing a game he enjoyed. I’ve been in contact with his mom here and there and several of his friends from softball; all of those interactions and hearing about the type of guy he was did nothing but reaffirm that this event was a good idea. What really saddens me though is that it sounds like Greg would’ve been a great guy to meet and he probably would’ve embraced such an event.

For those of you who are interested in what I am talking about, go to Google.com and use these search terms: Greg Fusco Softball Florida. There will be a slew of articles about the incident that occurred and his impact in the softball community for Florida (see the Greg Fusco Helmet / Facemask Rule). This doesn’t even begin to cover the ripple effects on his family and friends dealing with his absence. His teams lost a great player but those who loved him lost a tremendous person and that obviously trumps people playing a kids game.

From January until now, through this weekend and beyond, Greg Fusco will be someone I remember as long as I live. Pretty incredible to say such a thing about someone I’ve never met but this is what softball does to a person. Softball creates opportunities to connect with people we might never come into contact with and it pervades lives without us realizing it. To Taylor and Denise, I’m truly sorry for your loss. Hopefully through everyday things and softball you can heal over time. From our softball people here in St Louis and those who have spread across the map, we will try to bring awareness to what happened to Greg and put his name in their minds every time we take the mound to pitch.

I’ll step back and wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday. And for all those who play softball, please consider doing the above Google search.




Panera Bagels and the Devil’s Calories!

Hello and happy Fridayyyyyyyyyy!

As Barry Manilow sang once (or a million times): Looks like we made it! And for the record, yes I have that wide of a musical interest that I can appreciate Mr. Manilow along with the likes of Linkin Park, Trace Adkins, Disturbed, Huey Lewis, Blink 182, P!nk and a slew of other genres. For my religious blog followers (read habitual, not holy devotees), you may have seen a mention of my recent attempt to adhere to a 1700 calorie daily diet. The parameters of the ‘diet’ are: anything goes within that calorie range for my daily intake (glutens welcome!) but I just need to stay in that range from midnight to midnight each daily cycle. Continue reading


Softball Memory / Protect Thyself

Good morning and welcome to the last day of February 2018 ever!

So today I recorded my 34th edition of my re-vamped podcast (The Freak Show on Podbean) and I was giving updates on various things since my last podcast which included softball for this weekend and status updates on the tournament I am hosting for Greg Fusco’s family on March 10th-11th. In the process of putting this tournament together, I have been in contact with Greg’s mom a little bit. For those who do not know about Greg Fusco, he was a softball player in Florida who was struck in the head by a batted softball. A line drive hit him in the temple while he was pitching and he was momentarily rendered unconscious. A few minutes later he was helped off the field and later went to the hospital. During his extended stay in the hospital his condition worsened and he later died due to the serious head trauma sustained. This in itself is utterly tragic news in our softball community. We who play this game of softball enjoy and love it like an outsider cannot begin to understand. I came to find out that Greg had recently gotten married and was just back from his honeymoon when the injury occurred. To compound this horrific event, the universe allowed this to happen so soon after his married life had begun; it also unfolded right before his birthday would have come about and just before Christmas. All of this is a lot to process much less absorb and far too much for a mother and new wife to have to endure. Continue reading


Old School Math Word Problems

Welcome! If you would like to figure out how long it will take to get from here to the end of this post via reading, grab your calculators! Continue reading


WWE, maybe it’s real for me!

Good afternoooooon! Hello! Howdy and most of that associated snazzy jazz.

Today is February the 27th (Tuesday). Collectively, we are a couple days removed from WWE’s latest pay-per-view event (The Elimination Chamber). I call it a pay-per-view event but in reality unless you bought a ticket to be there, you were probably just watching it via WWE’s streaming service or from a link on-line somewhere for free. There might be a few places where the actual pay-per-view could be purchased but there are not many of those left in the WWE Universe. Continue reading


Snapchat Solutions

Hello and welcome to the very last Friday in February 2018!

I make a solemn promise, here and now, to not mention Nick Nolte any more than necessary over the next several hundred words (subject to change). As many of you know I am on Snapchat (@oohaw94) along with several other social media platforms. Matt, my long-time friend and best man to be at my wedding, is also on Snapchat. He has two daughters of the teenage age range and naturally they are on Snapchat as well. I occasionally communicate with his youngest daughter regarding softball and general life advice. His oldest daughter I rarely interact with but I will sometimes tap through her ‘story’. As a person who is seen as quirky and unorthodox, I hold no candle to his non-softball playing daughter in those categories. I’m not saying anything bad or negative about her, but her Snap threads and stories tend to be off the page a bit which is more or less why the app was created. Continue reading


Collage Day – Aim Low!

Sad to say this was the extent of my focus ability towards ye old blog today. In between I looked for Dodgeball (the movie) on Netflix, Hulu and YouTube but came up with nada in the for free arena. I did find a jacked up version on YouTube and made that work.

So as I traverse to towards personal insanity (only 16 days until the Fusco Memorial Softball Tournament) I warmly wish you a good evening and hopefully your forthcoming Friday is of superior quality to the those shoddy ‘other’ days of the week.  🙂

Cheers! And Peace.


Why stop being a kid?

Quick note to all the kids wanting to ‘grow up’ faster: Don’t.

Save your energy for enjoying the moment, having zero responsibilities and whining about how bad you have it. Continue reading


MyBenefitWallet HSA and How Not to Do Customer Service

Greetings and welcome to Day 20 of the month of February 2018. So far today all the hits on my blog are surf hits. This means that of all the views, all of them were generated by search engine links and not just people going to my blog homepage. This makes me a bit happy as my body of work gets read around the globe – thank you Spain and the UK plus all the bulk of my readers here stateside! Continue reading


Stop The Madness


Welcome to my blog and I hope this writing finds you safe and content, if possible. For anyone who knows me, they typically know that I try to be logical, open to discussion and passionate about the things. I say things as it covers all manner of sins from baseball to love of companion animals and so on and so forth. Right now in this country the judicial system seems to have been retired and everything of debate is settled in the arena of social media. Allegations surface and a person of interest is automatically condemned as guilty based on the title of the post or tweet. Same goes for natural or man-made disasters and the deluge of social media out-crying: hurricane damage, public mass shootings, earthquake fallout, plane crashes, Tide pod eaters, foreign border skirmishes, disease outbreaks, cigarette smoking related illnesses, drunk driving and the list goes on and on. Continue reading


Valentine’s Day Fiasco 2018

Howdy. Certainly not a good day, but howdy will have to suffice. Continue reading


Cleveland Indians Visit Busch Stadium in 2018!

OK I know I just posted but I got a special link to get reduced Flash Sale tickets for Monday through Thursday games on the St Louis Cardinals schedule. In scanning their schedule I ran across tickets for my Cleveland Indians for June 25-26-27 which is just days after my birthday! Rejoice! Yaaaay!


OK I’m better now. But that really pepped up my morning. Yes!

Have a great day!