Last Night in St Louis – NFL Relocation Town Hall Meeting

On a chilly, rainy evening last night in St Louis at the Peabody Opera House, representatives from the financial juggernaut known as the National Football League aka the NFL gathered to hear from the fan base of the St Louis Rams football team. I was not there but did get the Cliff Notes on local sports talk radio plus a few of the other music stations chimed in with their opinions on how it went. It seems the assembled patrons presented themselves well, led by local radio personality and season ticket-holder Randy Karraker (Randy’s Facebook Page), who made impassioned and logical points in favor of keeping the football franchise anchored here in town as opposed to uprooting it and replanting it in Los Angeles for no other real reason except a whim by the absent owner Enos Stanley Kroenke to turn that money tree into a money orchard.
I was a 15 year old kid when the St Louis (football) Cardinals left town to roost in Arizona after the 1987 football season. I say the football Cardinals because back then you had to say football Cardinals, otherwise the person you were talking to automatically assumed you were talking about the beloved St Louis (baseball) Cardinals of legendary championships and rich history. The football Cardinals were the lovable losers in town – but still a huge part of the community and their leaving caused a considerable void. Granted, I think the sports fans channeled their energies into the (baseball) Cardinals and (hockey) Blues with greater vigor after the football team’s departure but there is nothing quite like the American football experience – no matter how bad the hometown team is.
In the years that followed, the St Louis community worked hard to attract another franchise, either via expansion or relocation. Following the 1994 campaign in Los Angeles – the (football) Rams packed up their cleats, helmets and history and came to St Louis. Twenty years later, it seems perhaps the Rams were only on loan from the City of Angels. Rumblings have surfaced of a ‘fix’ between the NFL brass and the Rams ownership to move (relocate) the team back to LA because of the financial gains stood to be had on many fronts by businessmen associated with the NFL and the ownership group.
Admittedly, I am not an economics guru but it’s not hard to see the financial gains of having an NFL franchise in town and the many tributaries thriving off of having the celebrities (players) themselves involved with charities and causes in the community. If everything in this ‘transaction’ just boils down to the bottom-line, then St Louis is in line for a heartbreak sooner rather than later. The NFL court jester that is Roger Goodell and the legion of lawyers at the NFL’s disposal will see to it that 10 weeks out of the year the fifty to seventy thousand people in the St Louis area (who physically attend the home games or just tailgate – not counting the thousands of others who watch on TV) need to find something else to do (and spend their money on).

If you figure the low end of 50,000 people spending $100 each, split amongst the ticket, parking, food (at the game) and souvenirs each Sunday – that is $5,000,000 per game day (five million dollars). Take that times ten for eight regular season games and two preseason games – that’s $50,000,000 alone (fifty million dollars). This is not even taking into account tourists from other cities who fly or drive into our city to spend their dollars at hotels, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals (from injuries suffered from celebrating after too many $10 beers at the game), and all the other beneficiary businesses affected. In truth, the actual figures probably are double or triple what I am suggesting but you get the financial picture of what would be subtracted from the local economy just removing these ten yearly ‘games’.
Note: I came up with the $100 per person average to make the numbers easy to see – obviously some fans are kids and do not spend money on parking – but seat prices range from about $25.00 per ticket up to several hundred dollars for a suite ticket so I was low balling just to make the number simple. Also, factoring in a single trip to the concession stand for a family of four to get four beverages, nachos, hot dog, ice cream, etc – will set back the purchaser for $50-$60 easily. If anything the $100 per person is probably quite low if we look at an overall average. Granted the tickets are usually sold in advance, but by accounting principals – the realizing of revenue probably isn’t acknowledged until the event day or that week – just guessing – I am not an accountant.
The long of the short of it, the NFL is a mega-zillion dollar driven industry and the high rollers will do what they please. So in span of a year or so, St Louis could once again be bereft of a home team. Time and lawyers will tell. I will close my eyes and say a little prayer to Ricky Proehl that the Rams stay.
Stay warm and dry and Go Rams…I mean Stay Rams!


The Walking Dead

Good morning. I am not here to give away any spoilers or plot points from the show or comic book series. I am sure they have the rest or the majority of the current season mapped out and I know they have a spin-off or what-have-you also in the works.
If somehow my blog should end up in front of someone with creative input on the show and Rick’s character is somehow still alive – I would merely throw out a suggestion to have Shane appear in future episodes. Oh he died awhile back? Yes I know this. So how to incorporate his existence on the screen? Easy. Have Rick get a fever and hallucinate him. Maybe have Shane visit Rick in his dreams and give advice on the current state of affairs. Hollywood always has a backdoor for something they really want to make work – see 1985-86 season of Dallas where Bobby’ Ewing was killed off and then magically brought back to life as his TV wife woke up and realized it never really happened.

Shane’s End Comes to Season Two
Why bring back a guy that has been inanimate since the end of Season 2? Because he embodied everything that Rick has become: ruthless, untrusting and a survivalist. Shane was Rick before Rick who is now was Rick. Shane’s character mentally got to the endgame of how living among the undead and the cut-throat living was going to be first – but never underestimate the power of denial. Rick and the other goody-goodies were naive on how things were going to devolve. Shane would’ve probably gotten himself killed sooner or later but his C.Y.A attitude would’ve made that unlikely. He didn’t like taking chances – he did scheme but at this point on the show, who hasn’t?
That is my soapbox piece on the fictitious show on AMC. Still enjoyable but there needs to be something akin to cooler venues (literally) and the zombies herd/horde’s weakness (i.e. freezing temperatures, clumsiness, building a castle with a moat, etc). The inhabitants of Gilligan’s Zombie Island can actually escape or have something in a different spectrum to change the tide and have this civil war between the dead and living take off. The undead cannot reason correct? So how have these people not figured out a way to just take a squadron of farm threshers and de-herd the herd? Gas prices should be pretty low so fill up and mow them down! Who is the professor here? Build your zombie-proof raft and sail back to civilization!
Have a Great Pumpkin week, Charlie Brown!

Bathroom Etiquette

OK over the months I have been actively writing my blog, I occasionally throw in some gripe about public restrooms. (Oh how I loathe them no matter how necessary.)

Of all the gripes stemming from leavings (hairs, bodily residue of some origin, or just leaving the restroom messy with debris) and such – my biggest gripe has to do with dudes coming up to a closed stall door and proceeding to push against it. Some do it more than once.
What is your problem? You should find a phone, call your mother immediately and tell her she failed in life. I understand that people entering the restroom are generally in a state of biological urgency seeking some sort of relief: I need to wash my face due to a stranger sneezing on it, the need to void the bladder after 7 cups of coffee followed by 90 minutes of traffic or an urgent rectal episode in progress after 20 Taco Bell tacos with Fire sauce – they all speak for themselves. But as in retail, buyer beware. Public restroom need-to-go guy beware.

The universe can be mean and spiteful. You may get into the restroom and the facilities are out of order. All the outlets (urinals, toilets, etc) may be occupied. First come, first served – just like at the deli of life. So instead of being a self-serving jacka$$ and trying to co-dependently force your way into a let-me-sit-on-your-lap-and-share-your-toilet-Santa — maybe you might have to wait or maybe find another bathroom for your needs. Closed door means you are sh!t out of luck – sorry (not sorry!) for the pun.
Ladies do you encounter this problem? I know you do not have urinals so there is only ‘seating’ area for your bodily needs but was curious if these me-first clowns are in your gender as well.

Oh well. OK. I’m over it. Jerks! OK there was just that little bit there at the end…


NPC Competitor Amy Battles Interview – October 2015 – Bodybuilding

Today I have a special interview from a friend of mine from grade school and high school. Her name is Amy and she participates in body building competitions.
Me: Amy thanks for agreeing to this interview and let me start with a few basics. First off, I know this is taboo since you are a lady, but how old are you and how long have you been into fitness training/body building? What gym or trainers do you use? Are there contractual obligations?

Amy: 41 years old. Started training in 2010, first competition in 2012. Started out with Bombshell (in Florida) for a year but moved on after that to current gym Muscle King for more customized training program. Usually there are contracts that last for a year at a time.

Me: Forgive me but I remember you from high school and farther back as literally the girl next door (since you lived basically across the street). I know you did some athletics and such for school and I always viewed you as very smart. So give me some broad overview of how you came to be living in Georgia, became an assistant Physics Professor and got into weight training/body building for competitions?

Amy:  Was employed at LSU (Louisiana State University) as an Assistant Physics Professor. Wanted to feel healthier (felt overweight) after getting divorced. EX was into fitness training.

Me: So you deal with Physics regularly – is that a bit like rocket science since there is so much math involved?

Amy: (Laughs) Applied physics is involved in astronomy so it’s a natural extension.

Me: As a casual observer to weight training/body building for a female, let me throw out some perceptions or maybe misconceptions and you can correct me if I’m wrong. Female body building, by some opinions, is not embraced as fully as men’s body building. Would you agree or disagree and why or why not?

Amy: Have not really heard anything negative. Get stared at a lot. Guys in the grocery store, in public or at the local gym get intimidated. In the free weight section, the guys clear out when (I) start working out. (I) can lift a 150 pound dumbbell but usually workout with 50 pound dumbbells.

Me: Have you experienced any backlash or attempted intimidation from individuals for competing in a male dominated sport?

Amy: Not really. Competitors are generally very constructive and encouraging. Once you get to the competition site all the work is done. Other competitors are often helpful in the training process too, helping push through difficult times when food cravings hit or days when motivation is lacking.

Me: Doing what you do in preparing for a competition takes incredible resolve, focus and planning. How does your support system (family, friends, fellow competitors, etc) help drive you to the finish line and get you ready to compete?

Amy: My support system is great and absolutely essential. Without them (I) couldn’t do this. There is no way. Tony (husband) would always say encouraging things: Keep your eye on the prize or don’t blow it on cravings. Victoria (daughter) always wants to go to the competitions and do my hair and makeup.

Me: OK now for some less heavy questions. Most people I see in weight training/body building competitions seem to be very tan. Instantly I am jealous as I am slightly darker than copy paper. Is being tan a requirement? Do most competitors use tanning products or just go to tanning places?

Amy: Being tan is essential. The more tan the better the definition of the muscles comes out (on stage). (I) use tanning beds plus at the competitions you can get spray tan – usually at least two coats and an oil glaze.

Me: Do a lot of body builder types get tattoos or is that frowned upon considering you are showing off your body and the definition and that makes it harder to see that? Do you have any?

Amy: (I) would say at least half the competitors have tattoos. Obviously placement (visibility) on the body and how large, dark, subject matter etc are a consideration. Yes, (I) have one tattoo on my right thigh of a pentagram with a mystic purple flame inside.

Me: For the official competitions, how much paperwork is involved? Is there an interview process or can anyone enter? Is it like boxing where there are weight classes? I would assume there is some sort of drug testing for illegal substances along with performance enhancing drugs? Steroids?

Amy: The paperwork is minimal. Standard application stuff. Age, verifying residency. Divisions are done by height for women’s physique. For men’s body builder done by weight. To be a member of the NPC costs $100-125 per year (guestimating). You can enter multiple classes as well. (I) have entered Open 35 and Over and also 40 and Over — you just have you just have to pay for each class you enter for each competition. There is no testing for steroids.

Me: In football the endgame for all teams is the Superbowl. Is there any kind of weight training/body building Superbowl for your sport?

Amy: For amateurs it is Nationals, the week before Thanksgiving and that location usually moves year to year. For the pros, it is Oylmpia which was mid September and it is now fixed in Las Vegas.

Me: Sorry if I jump around as I tend to have ideas come to me at random sometimes. You obviously enjoy your sport or you wouldn’t put yourself through the mental and physical rigors needed to compete. I know when kids start playing baseball, coaches generally try to dissuade their athletes from doing potentially harmful things like trying to throw curve balls because of the stress on the elbow and increased chance of injury. In your opinion when is an appropriate time for a young person to begin the training regimes needed to compete in body building and strong person competitions?

Amy: Victoria (daughter) wants to start training. A good time to start for young people is around high school age. When (I) asked her what her goal was, she said to be bigger than Miss Olympia.

Me: I know when I am at work or working on a personal project, music is vital for me. The right mix of songs is essential to pep me up and get me on a roll. Besides the music you perform with, what music gets you going and puts you in zone? And I beg of you please do not say Justin Bieber (lol).

Amy: (Laughs) (I) put on Pandora Radio. Some of my favorites are Korn, Static X, White Zombie, Disturbed, etc.

Me: I noticed on one of your personal social media account, you promote your peers and competitions. With the nature of your sport, how do you think social media enhances you as a brand and personality?

Amy: I am on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (amybattles42). I like to put up a lot of pictures for promotion because branding yourself is very important.

Me: To be honest, I am not that familiar with the in’s and out’s of bodybuilding, professional lifting and endurance competitions aside from flipping through the channels and see incredibly defined people on ESPN or on the pages of fitness magazines. How much do you think it costs an athlete in your genre compared to a normal person? Taking into account supplements, gym memberships, home gym equipment, travel, competition wardrobe, entry fees and all the other things that a outsider wouldn’t even think of?

Amy: (Does a mental calculation for about 30 seconds) Huh. Wow. That’s alarming. I would say roughly about $7000 a year. It’s an expensive hobby. Lot’s of extra laundry (from training sessions). Lots of supplements. Things people probably would not think of are in time management. You have to eat every 2-3 hours. So meal prep is a must. Time management is key to organizing schedule and keeping to a routine for eating and training.

Me: So what organizations do you belong to in association with your sport? Is there like minor leagues and major leagues of your sport?

Amy: Presently NPC – National Physique Competition (for Amateurs). Working towards IFBB (the Pros), International Federation of Body Builders (now International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness).

Me: How does someone go from average looking with some muscle tone to rippling muscles that seem to bubble off out of the skin? Isn’t there only so much bulk a frame can add?

Amy: Actually muscle massage is an important factor in bulking and developing muscle. Fascia is the thin layer covering your muscles. It can stretch with massage. Obviously it can tear as well but with massage in conjunction with your workouts the muscles can spread out and get bigger.

Me: I know body builders and fitness athletes are people just like us couch potatoes just more physically imposing (lol). So what are gifts that body builder-types would universally like?

Amy: Haulin Hooks, workout clothes, workout stuff. Versa Gripps made of leather are my favorite. It locks around your wrist to help you get through workouts where your forearm gets tired but you still need to power through on back lifting workouts.

Me: Back on the subject of the beefy stereo-type muscle-heads, let me ask a couple of questions. When you first tell someone that you are into fitness training and bodybuilding, what is predominantly the initial reaction? Also what is the official name for you as this type of athlete?

Amy: (I) get lots of silly questions: Do you workout a lot or go to the gym? Officially classified as a Competitor but to the layman, bodybuilder.

Me: OK how to put this next question gently; how often do people just assume you are a lesbian? I ask because I think a lot of people do not understand the type of sport and how that should correlate with all the traditional swimsuit models and delicately feminine portrayals. Or am I off base here?

Amy: Nope. No offers from lesbians for dates. But that is funny.

Me: Your particular sport I wouldn’t think would have an off season as it is not dependent on weather or venue like tennis or baseball or something of that nature. So how often are competitions open to you? Do you have to qualify for certain events based on prior performances or a point system like golf or racing?

Amy: You do have to qualify for the bigger events. There is a small qualifier in October 2016. Anything more than 2-3 shows per year is too much. With the training involved and down time, your body cannot heal and respond like it needs to. After a show, (I) generally have 3-4 weeks off to binge, and I think ‘why do people do this to their bodies’ because the junk food makes me feel so bad. But sometimes your body just has cravings and (I) need to get it out of my system.

Me: Any one who knows me, knows I am not a morning person. I crawl out of bed cursing the alarm clock and anything else that comes into focus at 5:30 in the morning when I get up. What is your favorite time of day and how does the time of day affect your mood if at all? Do you get the endorphin rush? Because to me it seems like a myth. lol.

Amy: (I) not a morning person. (laughs) Best time to train is after the third meal of the day, generally in the afternoon. No body part should be worked more than an hour a day. More than that is overworking it. And yes I get the endorphin rush.

Me: Is there anything that I haven’t asked or covered that you would like to address either on a serious or just off-the-cuff tidbit?

Amy: Bodybuilding is different a different animal. Casual people are only interested in the freaks, the super hulks, the really out of the ordinary.

Me: OK in closing when and where is your next official competition and will there be any coverage on-line, in-print, via social media or televised that I and my readers can check out?

Amy: The Olympia is televised online – streamed live. Sites like Muscular Development or are good to follow the sport. NPC typically only has pictures and interviews. (I) really like Dave Palumbo as my favorite commentator. And Rich Piana is an amazing competitor.
Me: I have to say your name is not only a great name but also a personal statement that I think is a bonus in branding for your sport: Amy Battles.

Amy: The answer is 42. lol. (see the novel: The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

Me: Thank you so much for sharing your insights and experiences and I hope to maybe do a follow-up interview in the future once I learn enough to ask some more substantial questions about what you do. Cheers!

Please visit these links to see photos and read more about Amy and her journey.

And here are a few throw back pictures from when I knew her in a different life. From a small town (on top of a human pyramid), she is now competing on a national level. I hope she doesn’t hop on plane, come back to Missouri and bear hug me to death for these. 🙂

amy_cheer amy_yearbook

Perception vs Reality

As I sit here observing my red X-treme Gulp 7-Eleven 52 oz (1.538L) mug from many years ago, I can’t help but think of it’s place in the universe. Yes I am aware that from a GPS standpoint it is located on my desk but from an existence view point – it just is.
Looking at it, it is slightly taller than my letter opener and it is wider than my packet of graham crackers. Looking at it, just looking at it with the top on, you cannot tell if it is full or empty or half full or half empty. My perception, based on experience, tells me that if it has liquid in it, it will be a little heavy to lift initially off the surface. Probably the lift will start at an angle from the handle side but level off once the muscles in the hand and wrist are engaged. But in reality if the mug is actually empty, you get that lifting an empty suitcase and I feel really super strong for an instant feeling. There are so many variables that may not be readily easy to be seen. What if a prankster co-worker has super-glued the mug to the desk surface in order to watch my confusion and exertion until the joke is comprehended? Never know until you put action into motion then the dominoes fall where they may…
The mug is a metaphor for everyday life. I’ll leave it open for interpretation, however you are predisposed to make your own judgements.

Link Park Video – YouTube


Crazy Song

So when I’m walking with my feet
And the planets are nowhere to be seen
I throw a football into your dryer
And whisper the magic words
Oh my sandwich, taller than five hands
Eat yourself and make the world implode
Somewhere there is puke drying
In a pretty girl’s hair
And her cat is channel surfing
Until the pizza man arrives

Oooooh oooooh Whoa Whoa Whoa

Meow like the chicken next door loves you
Instagram some steam next to smoke
Which is which?
Tell me what you think
My big toe makes little holes in my socks
Damn you big toe, damn you to toe Hell
If soap bubbles touch your face
Your soul can see future lotto numbers
I’m sniffing my favorite marker
Under the bed with all the lights on

Oooooh oooooh Whoa Whoa Whoa

~~ Original Work, 10-09-2015 ~~

Finding It

Good morning. Some days I sit down at a computer and have a rough idea of an idea I want to blog about for the day or on rare occasions maybe two or three ideas. Some of those ideas flow and lead to bigger and deeper pools of thought and sometimes after a very short burst the stream runs dry and I am left to fill in with silliness (which I know most of you appreciate greatly).

Today I have no real topic to focus on. I know it’s the Month of Death in my family’s history and I could easily slide into that vein and follow it straight to the heart but ironically I am not feeling my morbid side today.

Under my comedic and witty shell, I am just an average human male of our species. On a typical day, I consume food and beverage and usually operate a motor vehicle at least a couple times to traverse to local destinations. During the course of a 24 hour period, my heart beats somewhere around 110,000 times and I breathe around 22,000 times. Obviously this is for normal days where no stressing or exercise of some sort occur. I wont delve into bodily functions of elimination as that is kind of yucky and such. Each day I take a step towards my life’s expiration cliff, not knowing when it will be my last step and then an unexpected plummeting into the abyss. That is the uncertainty of life and spurs me to roll the dice and see what that next step has in store.

If you have someone to share all those heartbeats with (friend, lover, cat, dog, fish, ant farm, trapped ghost, etc), make them count.

Have a great Friday and please send rain my way. Lots and lots of noisy rain. Like buckets and bathtubs full of rain! Enough rain to make puddles and deeper pools of thought.


Thursday Ramble Scramble

It’s a little game I like to play occasionally where I think of random phrases and see what the Google search engine thinks I am looking for. It can be quite amusing. So with prolonged ado, let’s begin 8 items since today is October 8th:

Chewing gum on a Smurf hat  smurfs

German word for you are dumb and tall

Fresh corn on a roof in the winter

Rally for a really rad dinner roll

Cheese sticks on fire

There are not really 50 states bug lover

U.S. former Secretary of State, and now a Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, attends a Georgetown University luncheon to deliver remarks and present awards for the Advancement of Women in Peace and Security in Washington April 22, 2015.       REUTERS/Gary Cameron  - RTX19UME

Vince Coleman loves the automatic tarp

iPhone and Android hook up for back alley rendez-vous

Have a great day and possibly week!


Cleveland Indians – Final 2015

Hello and October Pumpkin greetings! How many of you are excited about the team’s current three game winning streak? Yes I know the regular season is over and the Indians did not qualify for the playoffs (again). But how about that three game sweep of the Red Sox?


Yeah I know it’s over. When Terry Francona took the reins prior to the 2013 season and promptly lead them from the previous season’s win total of 68 to 92 wins and a wildcard playoff berth, things seemed dandy. Even super-duper maybe! But in the two subsequent seasons, the team regressed to 85 and 81 wins respectively. Granted some will say he has had three ‘winning’ seasons after the team had posted 5 straight non-winning seasons.
Except for the crazy 2013 push in the finals months to clinch the top wildcard spot and home field for that one game playoff, the Indians have been floating around average or below average for the tenure of Tito. Take the first month of the season (April) for instance. The Indians record for April in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 are: 11-13, 11-17 and 7-14 respectively for a .397 winning percentage. Just for torturous fun, if you flip the Indians record in April (substitute the loss number for the win number and vice versa) and keep the other team’s win-loss records the same, this is what could have happened.
In 2013 instead of being the top wildcard team, they would have beat out Detroit for the division title and had a chance in the division series to advance against Oakland. Intriguing since Cleveland won 5 of 7 meetings with the A’s. In theory, the Indians would have then played the Red Sox whom they did not fare well against that season going 1-6.
In 2014 instead of being four games behind Kansas City for the last wildcard spot (missing playoffs), again the Indians would have beat out Detroit for the division title causing the upstart Royals team to have to play Detroit (in Detroit instead of in Kansas City) and possibly wipe out their amazing run to the World Series. Cleveland in turn would have drawn Baltimore in the division series whom they bested four times out of seven tries during the regular season. If the Indians would have advanced to the ALCS (American League Championship series) it could have been against Kansas City and the Royals did win the season series over the Indians so things might have just ended up playing out the way they did last year.
In 2015 by being seven games better after April, the Indians would not have had enough wins to overtake the division leading Royals but would have had the best record for a wildcard qualifying team – pitting them against the New York Yankees (bumping out the Astros) for a showdown at Progressive Field (aka The Jake). The Indians this year won five of seven meetings with that Yankees including winning three of four at home. From there the Indians could have been matched up against the Royals who edged the Indians in the season series 10 wins to 9 for the Indians. So who knows?
OK so based on the reversal of fortunes in April for each of those years, the season and post season outcome could have been radically different. But year after year the team has floundered out of the gate and had to fight uphill all season (see Eric Wedge) to get near the playoff picture. Somehow Tito needs to prepare the team better for the April games because they seem to count the same in the win column as the ones in August and September.
Also the front office needs to realistically evaluate the talent and factor in some regression as opposed to increased production – a little Murphy’s Law and diminished returns to see where they keep coming up short (see first base defense and power right handed bat). The team’s pitching seems like a good base (starters, middle and closing relief) but they need steady production from right field (Chisenhall?), first base (trade Santana?), center field (Brantley needs to be a left fielder full time) and third base (Urshela?).

Ideally I think the team just needs to find a Sean Casey-type player for first base (sorry Carlos) who hits for average like Brantley and has a solid glove. I think with the minor league options, the team can platoon in right field and be OK with Chisenhall. If Urshela can hit around .250 and play a steady glove at third base I think the team is fine. Jettison the streaky Santana and get a full-time DH/bench bat like Mark Trumbo or someone with his upside and no real fielding position. The Bourn and Swisher signings were dismal failures and I am grateful the team just ate their contracts to lift those albatrosses. In 2015, coming into camp, basically the team was set from a roster standpoint that won 85 games in 2014 and the team had to scratch and claw to score runs with Ramirez and Chisenhall on the infield (along with Santana). I do not know if there is an heir apparent at second base in the organization but maybe Kipnis could be a trading chip as his stock is as high as it has been in recent years and after this year he will probably slip back in production and his defense is nothing spectacular. Just saying. Spit balling here. The team as it is comprised doesn’t appear poised to make any huge leaps to overtake the Royals anytime soon or the Twins for that matter.
So a tip of the cap to Tito for pulling out a winning season even if it has an asterisk due to the non-makeup game with the Tigers due to disinterest. LOL.
In five months, the Indians will get a chance to try out my “winning in April is important” theory. Until then, hope you enjoy the baseball playoffs or your fantasy football match-ups.

Merry Tuesday!

October 2015!!!

Thank you to all the readers who visited my blog site in the month of September. Had my second month of over 300+ hits and also exceeded 200+ visitors in September. I appreciate you taking a few seconds to several minutes (if you read more than one post).
This month, I will have an interview I recently did with my friend who is a body builder and her viewpoint on her sport from a female perspective. Granted I think this piece would have worked very well as a podcast but I think the piece will be enlightening, entertaining and informative nonetheless. If I can carve out some time I hope to have it up by Monday (October 5th).
Also this month I will delve into a few emails I have gotten requesting topics and give my two cents worth on those as well. I can be directly emailed at: plus you can tweet me at: oohaw94. Other social media outlets for myself include: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Etsy. I technically have a Myspace account but I do not have the log on credentials anymore and it has not been updated in probably five plus years so no sense trying to reach me through there.
As I sit here enjoying my Full Throttle energy drink containing 220 calories for a 16 ounce can with 200% daily allowance of my B3, B6 and B12 vitamins, I wondered to myself…



The can says it has 160 milligrams of caffeine. What is the daily recommended allowance for caffeine?

Well I don’t know if there is a daily recommended amount you should intake but there might be an amount that is considered safe. You should Google it.

Self, you are a genius!

Do go on.
After consulting the almighty Google I found that it is safe for adults to consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine in a day – but not a good idea for children. Their consumption of caffeine should be limited per medical experts so I defer to their opinion based on years of medical training. By comparison (to the Full Throttle), a 12 ounce can of Coca Cola contains about 34 milligrams of caffeine. When I was younger, my friend Matt and I would probably go through 3-4 cans of Coke each in the span of a few hours. No wonder his mom would get upset at 2:30am when we were still wired and making a ruckus while the house was trying to sleep! But I digress.

Happy Thursday and let the month of Halloween begin! Muaaahhahahahahaha!

Spooky Peace my ghoulish friends!