Tattoo Day After           

Hi to you. I am assuming you found my site and are starting to scroll through it with the intention of reading something of mine or at least to look for a post with funny pictures. On that last, I’m sure I can accommodate you somehow. But for now let me state the reason for this post. Continue reading


Cleveland Indians 2018 Preview

Good day one and all! This post is about my Cleveland Indians. Spring training is still about a month away and Spring Training games after that. But as of the middle of January 2018 I am looking at my team…and I am concerned. Continue reading

Nestle Crunch !

Good morning and hopefully, happy end to the year of 2017 for you!

Today is Friday the 29th and my last day of work this year. After a fitful night of sleep, I was in need of some kind of a pick me up. First and foremost I needed an energy drink. Since my go to Full Throttle Energy was sold out at the local gas station, I opted for the second choice which was The Green Edition of Red Bull. Now what to pair with this?

I’m sure my co-workers are quite accustomed to me showing up with an energy drink and some sort of breakfast snack a few times a week. Not that I think they particularly care but in general people notice stuff. So while walking around the inside of the gas station, I stopped in front of the candy bar section. The red, white and blue packaging with a ‘fake’ torn out reveal section showing Made with 100% Real Chocolate of the Nestle Crunch bar caught my eye.

A Crunch bar? Yes, it was meant to be! A 2.75 ounce, 4 piece Share Pack bar sounded like just the ticket. Internally I started thinking: “when was the last time I bought a Crunch bar?” Honestly I did not know. Over the years around Halloween and Christmas time, I’ve probably eaten about 7000 of those tiny snack-sized Crunch bars from the kid’s trick or treat bag or from the community candy bowl at family gatherings. But actually bough the adult sized candy bars? My memory fails me. It has been quite some time but through no fault of the product. The taste and texture of the chocolate plus the crispy crunch, It’s a fun time for your mouth! So I tip my hat to the Nestle people and say ‘Thank You’ for the Crunch bar. I will enjoy your product this morning as I try to elevate my energy to survive the last working day of this year for myself.

To all, cheers and Happy Holidays!



Lotto tickets for Christmas

Good morning worldwide readers. We have hit the 10 day mark. There are only 10 days until Christmas! Yes I know there are various cultures that do not celebrate Christmas but the majority of the world does so that is my point of reference at this time. Continue reading

Grumpy Old Men – Respawned!

The countdown relentlessly rolls on. Only two more weeks until the Christmas! (panic and chaos ensues)

Are we good now? Alright, let’s talk about something of a pop culture nature. Back in the mid-1990’s (Yes I know that’s soooo long ago), there were a couple of movies starring Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau. The first one in 1993 was titled Grumpy Old Men. The sequel came out in 1995 titled Grumpier Old Men. The first title is available on Hulu or Netflix, I forget which, and is a great lazy day (or sick day or snow day) watch. It’s got that 80-90’s feel with the cars and the TV’s and I recommend both. Continue reading

The Gutter / Light Man!


Good morning! I hope your annual trip to Turkeytown was a pleasant one!

This past weekend a few things occurred. First off, I played the annual Lager Sluggers flag football game at Fenton Park. I not only survived and avoided injury but my team also won 40-32! On Friday, Kristi and I went to Lowes to purchase a fridge and stove to replace the failing ones inside the house presently. Another component to the 4-day weekend was household chores. After the game on Thursday, I headed home to stain the back deck with coat #1 of wood stain. That was Thursday, of course, as the turkey flies. On Friday, after a late start to my initiative I put up the Christmas lights along the roof gutters on the front of the house (Note: I cleaned out the front gutters too!). I must’ve done a pretty darn good job because my fiancé recommended my services to her mom for her Christmas decorating needs!

This goes to show that the old adage, ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ is alive and well. In theory, if I would’ve done a shoddy job, Kristi would not have bragged on me and my evening of Wednesday this week would be free after work. But noooo! I had to try to do my best and make things look nice! What a jerk I am!

Obviously I am kidding but I find it amusing that I will be up on the roof of my future mother-in-law’s in two days time. I had probably better do a good job or she might remove the ladder exit from the roof and I could be stuck up there until I get it right. Hopefully I do not have any Griswold moments in the process. We shall see.

Everyone have a splendid last Monday in November (Cyber Monday). Remember if you are randomly buying me apparel, I like XL shirts, size 36 jeans and size 12 shoes! Gaming consoles are cool with me as well if you were wondering.

Have a great rest of November!



Talladega Nights – Step Brothers Shenanigans

Sometimes me and my friend Mike will slip into a vortex of movie quotes. The easiest for us are probably the Will Ferrell movies Talladega Nights and Step Brothers. So sit back and scroll to the bottom! Enjoy!  Continue reading


Good morning.

If you see 11-22 above, you may be doing some quick math. If you came up with -11 as the answer I will give partial credit. Really I was going for the short date of 11-22-2017 or November 22, 2017. But much in today’s society is boiled down to the minimal so it may be digested with speed and then we are on to the next inane thing. (After re-reading this my mind almost read the sentence beginning as butt munch). Continue reading

How to respond to life in general

Good morning and welcome to my blog.

I use many forms of social media and my tempering of comments varies by site. I read a post on the LinkedIn job networking site and responded with the following comment:

“Too many people in today’s society are conditioned to be the victim in the dog-eat-dog world out there. The faceless masses do not care. You need to believe in yourself and have some internal steel to survive the onslaught of wrong that will inevitably come your way in life.”

Continue reading

Heat Wave in November

Hello and welcome to my first entry in November 2017! Hope you are enjoying the second to last month in 2017. If you happened to be one of the 100+ people who found my piece on All Saints Day & All Souls Day (from 2015), please let me know how you found it. I Googled it and didn’t see my blog page on the first 50 entries so I was curious if another search engine had it listed differently or you were just using the super secret search terms! Continue reading

Welcome to the Jumble!


Good afternoon! Hope your Friday is treating you well. In light of all the unrest being generated by the social media viral idiocy, a co-worker suggested I take aim at some of the nonsense being propagated (i.e. racist cereal promotions that are obviously not racist but the people interpreting them as so might be, etc.) but I say nay. Don’t get me wrong, I have an opinion on all the craziness running amok but who has the kind of energy needed to run down each and every ninny turning over metaphorical rocks to find mythical monsters that don’t really reside there? Hmmm?

 Instead, I thought I would go in a little more whimsical direction and post some of the GIF’s and memes I circulated today to friends and social media outlets. Hope you enjoy them and it provides a delightful distraction to all the visible cracks in the framework of society!


P.S. I want to go see JIGSAW the movie! Who wants to go with?




Friday – October 27, 2017 – Billy Martin for starters

Happy Friday y’all!

Yes I said y’all, deal with it.

My mind is a bit scattered today. For some reason I got the Yankees situation shoved down my throat this morning by local talk radio personality Bernie Miklasz. For those readers who are not really baseball fans, the Yankees play in New York and their manager was Joe Girardi. They almost made it to the World Series which is a pretty big deal. Joe was at the end of his contract and the powers that be (Brian Cashman) advised the ownership that he should not be retained…so he wasn’t. Continue reading

Evil Dead – The Musical ?

Hello and welcome to my blog! If you choose to sing my words to the cadence of Baby Got Back in your mind (or out loud) that is your call! Now here’s my scandal…

It was a dark and non-stormy evening in St Louis last night. Cars and geographical landmarks whizzed by as we were late for something that started at 7:30pm or pretty close to that time. We exited the highway and soon approached the Fox Theater…then kept going per the insistence of the GPS lady’s voice. At the next block, we saw The Grandel Theater and turned left. Ah, so this was the destination! With haste, we parked and hurried inside with the time reading 7:40pm. A playbill was offered and some loose props were available to take selfies with but we were ushered inside to our seats. Luckily we had only missed a couple of minutes of the beginning of the play.

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