Gift Cards

Gift Card
Gift Card (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Happy Post Christmas blog entry to anyone who just happens to read my words.  🙂

So this Christmas, out of necessity for time and resources, I gave some gift cards…and also received one.

My thoughts on the gift card are typically that it is a cop-out from buying a real present – telling the person you got the gift card for: Hey I’m either too lazy to plot out a real thoughtful gift or…I’m super lazy and thought you might just like the credit at the store name on the card. The caveat is – that the person actually frequents the establishment on the card alot so an available credit is actually practical. For the record, the two people I gave gift cards to reacted as such: one was mad I gave the gift but not for that reason and the other was appreciative but also stated that gift cards are not as personal as a thought provoking gift.

Myself I’m not a big fan of receiving them although it boils down to it’s the thought of a gift that’s nice. I get annoyed a bit by the person who bought the gift card to a specific place – meaning they are forcing me to spend their money at a particular place (unless its a gift card to a bank!). Also the other thing with gift cards that rankles me is when you get down to the small remainder (like $1.89 left) – I tend to ditch the card at that point as the cashier most times seems too confused on how to do two payment transactions for my clearance hoodie. So its a waste issue of the money plus the card itself (I know some are reloadable).

Anywho…we march onto the impending New Year just a handful of days away. Hope everyone celebrated or didn’t celebrate in their preferred fashion.

Peace out.


Instagram (Photo credit: Jon@th@nC)

I tried to post my Badge from Instagram here but it was just text and garbage. Booo!

I really need another social media outlet…NOT.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker (I think), this Blog to go along with Snapchat et al.

Happy Monday before Christmas Hump Day…if that doesn’t offend the spiritual holiday purists.


I see the angry in me

Rising to the surface

I am losing control

Just drifting into space

Its been so long

Since I’ve been so sad

Its been so long

I think I’m going mad

The most afraid I get

Is when the truth comes out

I’ve got so much nothing

Coming out of me

Who am I now

What have I done

Screaming doesn’t help

I’ve lost all the fun

I’m losing it

Can’t find my balance

Turning inside to my darkness

Just looking down forever

Sliding down a jagged spiral

My hands are bleeding

I’m slipping further down

Watching the light receding

I think I can handle this

I might be able to get by

No need to judge me

I’ve judged myself guilty

Down,  down the bloody spiral

Too daunting to come back

The want to go on is leaving

Just close my eyes to perfect black


A Christmas tree made of small fir twigs embed...
A Christmas tree made of small fir twigs embedded in a wooden peg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its first week of December and we have a little snowfall here in MissourI after it was almost 70 degrees yesterday. Just crazy weather here in the midwest.

So glad I took the day off from work tomorrow as I spent an extra 30 minutes in traffic this morning and all we had gotten at that time was some stray flakes and a few rain drops.

Tomorrow I will put up the 450 string of lights to accent my 2-D Christmas Tree made up of just lights on my kitchen wall – designed to be less maintenance, save space and yet still somewhat festive. Not much Christmas cheer this year but trying to do a little something so as not to be a total humbug.

Happy Holidays and yeah to be off for a week!  🙂