Snapchat Solutions

Hello and welcome to the very last Friday in February 2018!

I make a solemn promise, here and now, to not mention Nick Nolte any more than necessary over the next several hundred words (subject to change). As many of you know I am on Snapchat (@oohaw94) along with several other social media platforms. Matt, my long-time friend and best man to be at my wedding, is also on Snapchat. He has two daughters of the teenage age range and naturally they are on Snapchat as well. I occasionally communicate with his youngest daughter regarding softball and general life advice. His oldest daughter I rarely interact with but I will sometimes tap through her ‘story’. As a person who is seen as quirky and unorthodox, I hold no candle to his non-softball playing daughter in those categories. I’m not saying anything bad or negative about her, but her Snap threads and stories tend to be off the page a bit which is more or less why the app was created.

In this vein, I was tapping and reading through one of her recent threads. I came across one where she was wanting to participate or organize some sort of protest for gun control or gun violence. The frame was gone in ten seconds so I may not have gotten the full gist of her ‘Snap’. Guns in general have been a hot button topic in the news and coursing through social media as of late in the wake of the school shooting down in Florida this month and the Vegas concert shooting from October last year. Earlier this month I wrote a piece about people demanding easy solutions to very complex problems/issues (in case you want to go read through and see the scenario I suggested); it snaps together like a pair of Legos on this topic.

To my friend’s daughter I would pose the following questions:  With this protest idea, what do you expect to happen or what do you hope to accomplish with your protest? Again I am not bashing her enthusiasm or dismissing her desire to bring about a positive change. Because I would say to her or anyone who is trying to put forth this kind of movement, if you are trying to bring awareness to the issue of gun violence, then I tip my hat and bid you to continue. But if you are doing this in the hopes of throwing legislative ‘paper’ at the problem, then I would say “Don’t waste your time.”

Hold on before you wrench the train off the rails with a passionate speech about the tragedy and needing change and other raging arguments with good intentions but supporting  with very little in the means of a realistic plan to combat the horrific events that seem to be happening more and more these days. New gun legislation is a noble thought but in reality means nothing to someone with horrific intentions. If someone truly has evil intentions in their heart, they will find a way (see Timothy McVeigh and his trailer load of fertilized fuel). Truth be told, there are untold thousands of guns in circulation that no one can account for – not even the government. So if you turn off the ‘legal’ gun spigot, those looking to do ‘bad things’ will still find one or more guns somewhere else.

I wish I had an answer to this problem but realistically I do not. As weak as it sounds, the best we can do sometimes is to be aware of our surroundings and try to tune in to those around us. Granted not everyone is a psycho (even though it seems like it some days) but in most of these cases, people noted seeing warning signs from the perpetrators. Those who saw ‘red flags’ didn’t think there would be any serious repercussions from those who seemed on the outside looking in. Also, in today’s ‘look at me society’, it’s difficult to tell who is really troubled and who is just being a drama queen for attention.  Again I have no answer for this trend but based on recent events, maybe groups and peers will try to communicate better to diffuse similar situations from escalating like this. I’m not saying everyone is going to be chummy and love one another but in most situations communication is the foundation to working toward solutions.

I will clumsily fall off the soap box now. Have a grand weekend!




For those at the FBI who may be interested to discern why I Googled the things I did; I looked them up for this piece to make sure my reference information was correct on dates, names and other generic facts. For the kids of today who were too young to know what the Timothy McVeigh reference was – Google him, read and educate yourselves. Guns are not the problem, fertilizer is not the problem, swords are not the problem, planes are not the problem – they are merely instruments in the hands of a person. From there the instruments are innocent and powerless to overcome the will and intentions of those who use any of them against their fellow man/woman/society.


Collage Day – Aim Low!

Sad to say this was the extent of my focus ability towards ye old blog today. In between I looked for Dodgeball (the movie) on Netflix, Hulu and YouTube but came up with nada in the for free arena. I did find a jacked up version on YouTube and made that work.

So as I traverse to towards personal insanity (only 16 days until the Fusco Memorial Softball Tournament) I warmly wish you a good evening and hopefully your forthcoming Friday is of superior quality to the those shoddy ‘other’ days of the week.  🙂

Cheers! And Peace.

Why stop being a kid?

Quick note to all the kids wanting to ‘grow up’ faster: Don’t.

Save your energy for enjoying the moment, having zero responsibilities and whining about how bad you have it.

Let me take today for example:

Adulting: Light ice on my windshield nothing on the ground except wet in some places, not even slick. So I have to go to work.

Kid World: School is called off because they don’t want to warm up the buses.

This was literally the situation at my home this morning. Overnight it had rained quite a bit after the temperatures were in the 70’s yesterday here in Missouri. During the course of last night’s darkness, the temperatures dropped to near freezing. This morning I get ready for work. I go outside (ground was wet, not icy), warmed up the car for five minutes and the thin layer of ice on my car windows melted no problem. With the ice melted, my car was perfectly able to be driven. So I successfully drove on a few side roads (wet, not icy). From there I merged onto one highway via an on ramp and eventually onto another (mostly dry, wet in some places, not icy) and somehow made it into work in one piece! According to the semi-reliable readings on my car dashboard, the outside temperature this morning was around 31 degrees. Did I also mention it was in the 70’s (Fahrenheit) yesterday? Yes it did rain quite a bit last night and overnight but by this morning the rain had virtually stopped. Right now there are probably a zillion kids in the more northern states saying: “Are you kidding me?” Yep afraid so northern neighbors. Those northern kids have to go to school when there is half a foot of snow on the ground (which by the way seems to be Missouri’s annual snowfall total – 6 inches) but kids from here get a free pass because it may be hazardous to drive those frosty/icy cars on the roads. Possibly the ice and frost will melt and get those perfectly drivable roads wet! Oh the humanity!

With my one bit of sarcasm done for the day (LOL), I bid you a fine Hump Day!


MyBenefitWallet HSA and How Not to Do Customer Service

Greetings and welcome to Day 20 of the month of February 2018. So far today all the hits on my blog are surf hits. This means that of all the views, all of them were generated by search engine links and not just people going to my blog homepage. This makes me a bit happy as my body of work gets read around the globe – thank you Spain and the UK plus all the bulk of my readers here stateside! Continue reading

Stop The Madness


Welcome to my blog and I hope this writing finds you safe and content, if possible. For anyone who knows me, they typically know that I try to be logical, open to discussion and passionate about the things. I say things as it covers all manner of sins from baseball to love of companion animals and so on and so forth. Right now in this country the judicial system seems to have been retired and everything of debate is settled in the arena of social media. Allegations surface and a person of interest is automatically condemned as guilty based on the title of the post or tweet. Same goes for natural or man-made disasters and the deluge of social media out-crying: hurricane damage, public mass shootings, earthquake fallout, plane crashes, Tide pod eaters, foreign border skirmishes, disease outbreaks, cigarette smoking related illnesses, drunk driving and the list goes on and on. Continue reading

Cleveland Indians Visit Busch Stadium in 2018!

OK I know I just posted but I got a special link to get reduced Flash Sale tickets for Monday through Thursday games on the St Louis Cardinals schedule. In scanning their schedule I ran across tickets for my Cleveland Indians for June 25-26-27 which is just days after my birthday! Rejoice! Yaaaay!

OK I’m better now. But that really pepped up my morning. Yes!

Have a great day!


The Water vs The Soda

Today is Monday. Counting backwards: Today-1, Sunday-2, Saturday-3, Friday-4 and Thursday-5.

So today is day 5 of…no soda or energy drinks. For some of you reading this, you are like…so what? For me over the last several months and years I have been neglectful of drinking water. I will drink water if there is nothing else but for the most part I tend to have a soda or two during the day and on those hard to get going mornings, I pop the top on an energy drink. Right now at day five, this is honestly the longest I’ve gone without a carbonated beverage of some sort for literally years. Continue reading

If You Don’t Stop And Look Around…

If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it (life). Thank you Ferris Buehler (Matthew Broderick’s character) for this simple, yet sage advice.

This week we are already locked in at Thursday and the first three days of the work week have flown by at a stressful, break-neck pace. Much has been accomplished and still far more yet to accomplish.

For all of us out there breaking our backs everyday…take it Bret Michaels and Poison. Aint lookin for nothin but a good time, it don’t get better than this.

For all my peeps who text me, instant message me or just plain acknowledge me when they run into me in a public setting…that’s for everything. With all the facets of life we have to navigate, most of them not easy, it’s nice to have good people in your corner to help you out on those days when finding a way by yourself is too daunting. Just saying.

Everyone have a great week up into the weekend and we shall talk again soon.



Chief Wahoo and The Cleveland Indians

Hello and welcome to my blog.

As many of my friends and readers know, I am a Cleveland Indians baseball fan. I have said on numerous occasions that I would get a tattoo of Chief Wahoo when the Indians win the World Series. The best chances of that happening may have been in 2016 and 2017. But this week, the evil overlord of Major League Baseball, Darth Manfred finally coerced the ownership of the Cleveland Indians to abandon the Chief Wahoo logo in favor of the scripted ‘I’ or a ‘C’ permanently starting in 2019. So this is our last hurrah as Jake Taylor would say. Continue reading

The day is over before it has begun…

Does this happen to you? You wake up and your entire day is gone. When I say gone I mean that as soon as you wake up, the entire day is already planned and accounted for from start to finish. That is me some days and those are difficult days to muck my way through in my opinion. On a more stressful scale, I can only imagine what professional athletes or musical performers go through with waking up, working out, doing necessary obligations and then performing at the end of each night. Now multiple that scenario by months and you can kind of see why Britney Spears decided to go all psycho self-barber all those years ago. It can be a hollow feeling sometimes even if the day is filled with enjoyable activities. I like having a chunk of time or an entire day where there is nothing really imminent; I relish those valleys of activity. Continue reading

Hump Day – 01-24-2018 – Haircut & Lady Gaga


Hello and welcome to this Wednesday morning edition of my blog. This post is semi-dedicated to my haircut experience from yesterday. Here are their stories ((Law & Order sound effect))

Wait…today isn’t Wednesday anymore? Dadgumit! Continue reading