MLB Names – They’re All Offensive!

Good afternoon to one and all! Also Happy New Year!!

I have uploaded a project I started working on several weeks ago. It’s a spreadsheet of all the Major League Baseball teams. This spreadsheet contains their origins along with the status of how long their current nickname has been in use. To poke a little fun at my favorite team, the Cleveland Indians, (because they chose to cave into financial peer pressure) I set out to compile a list of why each and every other franchise should be forced to change their names as well. I hope you enjoy the post and as always, I look forward to your feedback. Have a great weekend!

Peace. <<01-10-2021>> #33 – Don’t forget to check out my website for links to all my social media and other projects!

Why don’t you write more?

Hello all. As I type this I am three days into a head cold, yes it’s just a head cold. This sucks. I’m not majorly debilitated in any way, I just have head congestion and a little scratchy throat. In years past, before the C word spread over the globe, I would’ve taken some Sudafed and boldly gone out into the world to carry on in spite of the sickness. Ah but this is the broken year 2020 and all the rules have changed. In the last 9 to 10 months, the old world has disappeared like the ice in a fast food cup sitting on the asphalt during the noon day sun of summer. Gone are the days of ‘toughing it out’. Replacing those sickly souls slogging along coughing and wheezing, are the devout hand-washers and toilet paper hoarders. We are sitting at three weeks to go until the end of this blasted year. I had remained virtually (ha, see what I did there?) sniffle-free for most of the year. Almost made it to the end. Oh so close.

December 2020 Picture Purge

Good morning! It’s that time again to assemble a random assortment of images that have accumulated on my desktop over the course of the weeks. As you can see, some are personal and some are just memelicious! Hopefully you find something to suit your mood in this stew of snapshots. We are less than three weeks away from Christmas and less than four weeks away from 2021! What awaits us on the other side of that December door? Stay tuned…

Have a great week and rest of the month!

Peace. <<12-05-2020>> #33

You’ve got 35 minutes…

So when you’ve wasted most of the day and you have something you’re supposed to do in a little over an hour, how do you shape a thought process for a topic? Presently it is 3:55pm CST on Sunday, November 29th. I’ve spent the morning and early afternoon playing on my phone (Angry Birds 2), paying bills and surfing the web for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/pre-Cyber Monday deals. This is extremely wasteful but alas I must own up to it as this is a true inventory of the day. One of the things on the list (paying bills) made one of the other things on the list (shopping for deals) essentially pointless.

Now I’m wondering if The Dollar General (store) sells wire cutters. Hmmm. I have a potential project in mind but it may hinge upon the availability of said cheapo wire cutters. Oh well, hopefully everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday (US version)…although I guess it’s OK to ask those north of the US border is they enjoyed theirs (October 11th)?

Anyway, good luck to all as we are now less than four full weeks away from the Christmas holiday…

Peace. <<11-29-2020>> #33

Biden vs Trump – 2020 Aftermath Notes

Hello all! Happy days leading up to Thanksgiving!

As I did in 2016, I would like to do a little post mortem review of the now ‘completed’ presidential election. Why? Mostly because I love crunching numbers and secondly because I detest the out-dated concept of the Electoral College system of awarding ‘votes’. If you really are hard up for Saturday night entertainment, go back and read my post on the breakdown of the 2016 election results based on the data provided via the web at that time.

Pocahontas & Rain Showers

To set the mood, I think we need to step back in time to 1989. If I could borrow from Skid Row’s I remember you:

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain…

Good day to all. Today is November 21st of the cursed year 2020. There are but 41 days left in this calendar saga and with a little luck we can make it through to see 2020 ousted like all of its brothers before. I was supposed to rise early today, which I did, in anticipation of playing a softball tournament in the adjacent state of Illinois. The city of destination in Illinois is/was Pocahontas – yes, like the Disney film and the Native American woman who was born just before the start of the 1600’s.

As you may have deduced, rising early to prepare to go play softball and ambient sounds of rain don’t generally go well together. Alas, the tournament was canceled and after a short amount of time I resumed my fitful slumber. This turn of event(s) allowed me to park myself in front of the laptop to post on my blog. Yes I could be writing this piece on the WordPress app but good gawd that would entail traversing a more difficult road, much like Pocahontas followed when she assisted John Smith (see guys can ask directions).

Election Weak

Is this thing on? How do we do this again?

Thanks to my previous blog post pieces on All Saints Day and All Souls Day plus the piece I did on the post 2016 election mess, my hits for the blog this month so far have been pretty impressive. It’s also great considering I seem to jolt back to reality and realize that it’s been weeks upon weeks since I was last able to sit down and blog. As we sit today, we are looking at approximately 8 weeks to go until the end of 2020 (good riddance). But the real hoopla at present surrounds and is shrouded by the outcome of the 2020 United States presidential election. Our cliffhanger teeters upon whether or not incumbent president Donald Trump will be able to sweep the balance of the states still hanging in the balance…even multiple days after election day to try retain his title (WWE reference intended).

Greg Fusco Memorial Tournament 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the beginning of October of the year 2020. Mother Nature is always a bit unpredictable here in the Show Me State when it gets to be this time of year but otherwise its pretty much typical fall weather to report.

Sunsets and Shoelaces

Greeting in whatever part of the world you are reading this. I try to remember that my readers are from around the globe and knowing this brings a smile to my face. It’s pretty humbling and cool, to think of people from of all different cultural backgrounds reading my thoughts and maybe, just maybe I find a way to bring a smile or a laugh to them as well.

Today is September 4th of the dreaded year 2020. I am weighing in at 184 lbs (sorry I think that is about 83.5 kilos?). Miss Sadie the tortoiseshell cat is under the desk screaming to be paid attention to…only to scurry away when an attempt is made to pet her. In the current stay at home pandemic state, I have not showered yet today (eeewwww!) but alas I will soon. My accomplishments for the day are a bit lean on the accomplishing aspect.

Picture Jumble – August 2020

It’s that time again, yes it is! I have a weird collection of pix on my desktop that I need to purge…but before I do, I present them for you to judge me, er them:

Have a great week. Peace.


Natty Bumppo Redux

I’m slowly scanning the living room of my home. Nothing. Nothing around me looks anything like my sophomore English classroom of 1987. But yet, here we are. A very small handful of people on social media might remember me from Grandview High School. Of that tiny handful, probably only one or two may have been with me during that fateful day in the fall of 1987.

Shakespeare Lore

So how is everyone doing today? I sometimes get caught up in the leaving tide of weird thoughts. During the prolonged minutes leading up to my slumber one night, somehow, I found myself thinking about Shakespeare – William of course. In years gone by, I remember reading somewhere that William Shakespeare knew about 30,000 words. That’s pretty darn impressive I do says. As I lie there flopping about on the mattress, I wondered how they knew this? Then I deduced that the powers that be must have logically come about this figure based on his published works and the words included therein. Open and closed case. Or is it?

May the Fifth Be With You

Hello and Happy Cinco de Tuesday! For all the Star Wars people with hangovers from yesterday, I shall try not to shout in ALL CAPS. Sorry, just had to show a for example moment instance.

Desktop Picture Purge – April 2020

Every so often I need to clean up my laptop desktop area. In doing so I tend to notice quite a bit has accumulated there. For your review and judgement, I present the most recent weeks worth of clutter. Enjoy. Stay safe out there.

Peace. <<04-22-2020>>