Under Pressure

What does that phrase mean…to each of us? Work stress? On a chiropractor’s table? Fish at the bottom of the ocean miles down? Everything is subjective and in turn relative. 

Today is Thursday typically not high on the list of stressful days during the week unless the calendar ends a month or fiscal quarter then. But putting that aside (pun forthcoming), the side effects of stress are crankiness, fatigue, being disconnected, neglect, over-eating, forgetting to eat, and a myriad of other things.

Sometimes I just get stuck. I don’t want to look at or interact with anything outside of my bubble. No household chores, no hanging with friends, no sleeping, no going to work – just a withdraw from everything in a futile and irrational exercise to stop the earth’s relentless spinning and the days and minutes of my continued life pouring through the hourglass. So far that approach hasn’t worked but I’m not about to give up on that yet! Stubbornness is a virtue?

Friday – !!

Long arduous week here at the sweat shop aka workplace. Conflicting management messages and minimal inter-department synergy. Corporation America (actually the company HQ is overseas but close enough for my point).

Tonight is Mega Millions drawing and tomorrow is the Powerball drawing – it would be a pleasant surprise to match all the numbers in the sequence for once. That’s all I’m asking is for once. 🙂 Pretty please oh universal deities with very odd sense of humor. 

Heading down to Springfield, MO for a little coed softball action this weekend. Should be warm and muggy I expect and hopefully I don’t suck. 🙂

Everyone have a great weekend and if you read this and YOU win the big one on one of the lotteries – please drop by and say so. 🙂  Peace.

Posts…and brackets…and barbed wire…and duct tape

This is believed to be, according to baseball ...
This is believed to be, according to baseball historian Paul Dickson, the first photo of a “softball” (indoor baseball) team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So here we are a mere 13 days before my birthday (the actual number is irrelevant). I have been playing softball like crazy – as in amount not actually playing like someone in the middle of a chaotic episodic break. I like softball in case you hadn’t sifted that underlying current from some of my previous posts.

June in Missouri tends to be helter skelter weather-wise. One night it will be cool and windy and wet and then for two weeks straight the sun will scorch my notebook paper colored skin (no ruled lines on me).

Hopefully everyone I know who can read and comprehend my writings is doing well. Alot of illness (breast cancer, bone cancer and other maladies) within my circle of family and friends. Hopefully each person has the fortitude and inner strength to prevail. Positive vibes and much love to my loved ones and reasons for me to smile everyday. Peace.