June Round Up


OK so on the cusp of July 2014. In June lost my puppy Ginger of 14 years due to liver problems which was 4 days before my birthday. Very heartbreaking day. Recovery from gall bladder surgery went well with no complications which is always a good thing (now about those medical bills left over…YIKES!) Had my 42nd birthday with a nice outpouring of well wishes from Facebook, texts, Instant Messages (IM’s) and phone calls which was nice to go with cake and softball with my girlfriend. Won $11 with my group of people at work in the Mega Millions/Powerball drawings. Did go swimming once. Got intoxicated in the rain for my friend’s 40th birthday party. My Indians continue to limp along in 3rd place in an uber weak American League Central. Put my Facebook account on vacation today.

That’s about all. Happy Monday y’all.

June 11th


Its June 11th. Been 3 weeks since my last post. Just stating the facts.

In that time I missed (relatively speaking) work due to my gall bladder surgery and could not participate in softball. Thankfully the operation went well with no complications. Some residual soreness remains but I am back to playing ball and finally able to enjoy a meal after about a year plus of misery whenever I would consume anything including water. I have a trifecta of scars with the one being concealed within the realm of my belly button.

You may ask what’s up with the cute kitty pic above – no relevance actually just thought it was cute and an eye catcher.

My Indians have climbed out of last place and are within striking distance of first place with a good road trip but we shall see.

Have a great week and remember to wish me a happy birthday in 12 days or a happy belated birthday thereafter. 🙂