infoI started to write a blog about my laundry prowess at one point but for whatever reason I was unable to bring these thoughts clearly to the world and thus relented.

If I had to guess what I was thinking on that particular day back in December 2013 (day indeterminate) – putting myself in my shoes and my brain of reference – I would say it would be lamenting having to pay $3.00 for a load of laundry at my apartment complex ($1.50 to wash, $1.50 to dry in the coin operated machines). Not to mention having to trudge up a flight of stairs outside and about 200 feet away through whatever elements present themselves that day I need clean underwear (frigid temps, rain, snow, sleet, rude neighbors who don’t pick up their dog’s poop, what have you).

But this is just my best guess. Maybe I was going to launch into a quirky little anecdote about some piece of art I contemplated creating out of the excess lint I found in one of the dryers. Who can say definitively?

I miss having the convenience of my own personal washer and dryer within my living space. But ah somethings in life are just a trade-off.

So if your socks go missing or you end up with a softball t-shirt you don’t recognize with the #33 on the back of it – we may have bumped laundry universes.

Carry on friends and neighbors. Springtime shall be here soon (or at least I dearly hope so).

Peace and Love Inc as the group Information Society sang once upon a time in 1992.


Cold Wastes of WinterWhat is optional: Car features, cherry on your shake at Steak N Shake, signing the back of your credit card, blinkers in traffic, saying hello to co-workers…

I’m freezing presently and a little unfocused. Some of my more familiar friends and acquaintances will not notice any difference from my usual frivolity but for the casual surfer who ends up here…it may take a minute or two to calibrate.

Hump Day. Talking camel. Intimate act between two consenting adults. Middle O The Week for the Irish in the crowd.

Twitter blasts of random in the moment thoughts. Facebook surfing while the network is down at work. Hashtag looks who’s embroiled in drama today!

I need to warm up and refocus and put aside my frustration with being unproductive at work only a day after having to sacrifice Tuesday’s workday to off-site team building (in essence) workshop.

I apologize for the brevity and topic changes like a gnat in the wind during summertime.

Enjoy some gluten free Pita chips and your favorite beverage – water seems to be universally acceptable.

Cheerio and Cheerios to all the breakfast consuming persons who are willing to go down that route.

Traffic Etiquette

carcatFor as long as I have been driving I have long been amazed at how some people drive with no regard for anyone else.

You have the bulk of the drivers existing within the speed laws, maneuvering 3 and 4 way stop intersections and using blinkers. But then you have the other drivers who literally will not lift a finger to use a turn signal (called a blinker if you’re nasty). How lazy and inconsiderate do you have to be to not even lift one little finger to flip the turn signal up or down to let the world know if you are going right or left before you do so in highway traffic? I’m not talking about a 2-lane country road at 11pm on a Wednesday night in the middle of nowhere with no other cars around. I mean some self-important a-hole who changes lanes randomly with no notice and usually with little room between other cars to spare. Seriously? Congratulations you earned your merit badge in douchery. Then cross-breed that f#ckstick with the person who has their cell phone pinned to their shoulder with their cheek who is clipping the lines in between lanes about every 30 seconds and I wonder why there isn’t more road rage prevalent.

I’m not saying I’m a model driver 100% of the time but you can tell when someone’s driving habits are black and white. The guy in the Super Duty over-sized truck who rides your ass in traffic no matter the time of day or traffic situation or what speed you get up to…the chick in the mini-van changing lanes non-stop because she is late for whatever and then cutting over to the exit ramp 5 feet before it ends…and the older drivers who are doing 10-15 miles per hour under the speed limit in the fast lane and are completely clueless to everyone else around them.

In Missouri the drivers struggle with snow, rain, sunshine, wind, darkness, other drivers and 50 shades of other non-factor elements.

Rant…over. 🙂


Yes we all made it! Didn’t we?

Booze. Late night. Drunks. Ball drop. Countdown.

Yep another New Year’s Eve expired into a frenzy of wow…then yawns.

2013 is in the past and much to sift through. Lots of heartaches and headaches. Now the downtime until spring and warm weather. Fight the urge to sit on the couch (or in the bed) and shove a plethora of food items into my face.

Didn’t set any New Year’s resolutions per se – but maybe a few short term goals would be productive. Nothing on the weight loss front (jeans I had taken in back in July 2013 need to be taken in again), nothing on the quitting smoking front (but I will still nag those I know who smoke to quit 100% – even the e-cigs!) and maybe, just maybe take a road trip somewhere a few states to the east this year. We shall see.

I am an open book (or blog) so let’s see what comes up this year. Fresh slate, new possibilities and closure on old wounds.

Peace out my friends and able minded readers.