Good morning.

If you see 11-22 above, you may be doing some quick math. If you came up with -11 as the answer I will give partial credit. Really I was going for the short date of 11-22-2017 or November 22, 2017. But much in today’s society is boiled down to the minimal so it may be digested with speed and then we are on to the next inane thing. (After re-reading this my mind almost read the sentence beginning as butt munch).

This month has been a bit slow on the blog posts. I have actually had to work at my day job and that cuts into creativity time. Then mix in some travel and being sick this week and my creative output faucet is but a drip. Did I just call myself a drip? I’ve been called worse. Moving along…

In turkey world, tomorrow is both a celebration and a bane. On one end of the spectrum, the word turkey is almost surely on the lips figuratively and in most cases literally. Turkey is great! Kids often make their turkey representations with finger paints, colored paper or household items turned into craft supplies. But on the darker end of the spectrum, a bazillion turkeys are executed in cold blood to fuel these celebrations! For this annual bird slaughter we give thanks. Seems a bit cruel but it tastes really good so forgive us this harshness.

I hope that you have much in your life to be grateful for and you will be surrounded by that which will make you happy on Thanksgiving Day.

If you are boycotting the NFL, may I recommend watching Home Alone (the first one) in football’s place?

Peace and good cheer!


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